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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Minimum Whole Blood Volumes

​Minimum Whole Blood Volumes for Pediatric Collection

A collection shall not exceed recommended blood draw limit of 1.7 mL/kg weight for a child per day unless the physician has completed the 'Unusual Phlebotomy Authorization Form'.

General Chemistry Tests

  • When multiple test are collected in the same tube, collect 0.2 mL for the first test and 0.05 mL for each additional test
  • Additional whole blood will be required if the patients hematocrit is greater than 40 L/L

Blood Gas and Metabolite Tests including Lactate

  • For Arterial specimens collect 0.5 mL in a syringe
  • For Capillary specimens collect 1 full capillary tube
  • For Venous specimens collect 0.5 mL in a syringe or green microvette

Immunosupressants (Cyclosporine, Tacromilus, Sirolimus)

  • Collect 0.5 mL for the first test and 0.3 mL for each additional test

 General Hematology Tests

  • For Routine Coagulation testing collect a pediatric Sodium Citrate tube filled to minimum draw line
  • For CBC/Retic/ Manual differential collect 1 mL in a lavender microvette

Transfusion Medicine Tests


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Laboratory Controlled Document LSM-421 v2

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