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​Processing Emergency Department Orthopedic Test Requests - Process Flow


This document provides a diagrammatic depiction of how to process specimens collected on orthopedic patients with a fracture from the Emergency Department.[i]


  • When fracture patients presenting to the Emergency Department are likely to require transfusion, it is desirable to ensure that pre-transfusion testing has been done in anticipation of the decision to transfuse, to facilitate timely provision of product by the Transfusion Medicine Laboratory. However, this sometimes leads to requests for pre-transfusion testing in circumstances that are rarely associated with the need for transfusion. Avoiding unnecessary testing is good stewardship of laboratory resources that are better used in other ways.

  • This algorithm has been developed to assist decision-making when pre-transfusion testing is requested for fracture patients in the Emergency Department.


For the purposes of this document, the following definitions apply:

Term, abbreviation, acronym, etc.Definition
Process FlowA method of visually documenting the stages involved in performing a certain procedure. Examples include decision algorithm, value stream map, process flow chart or table (2).
Process Flow Chart or TableA visual representation of the steps in a process (3). In a chart, standard symbols with defined actions are used.
Decision AlgorithmA visual tool outlining the steps involved in an 'if/then' decision process


TML-240 Peds Flow Chart.pdf


[1] Dr. Sheila Harding. Processing Emergency Department Orthopedics Test Requests. Saskatoon, SK: Saskatoon Health Region; 2015.

[2] Business Accessed June 16, 2014.

[3] More Steam University: Accessed June 16, 2014.

​Q-Pulse Processing Emergency Department Orthopedics Test Requests - Process FlowTML-240 V4

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