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Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services
Community Paramedicine

​What is Community Paramedicine?

"Community Paramedicine is a model of care whereby paramedics apply their training and skills in "non-traditional" community based environments (outside of the usual emergency response/transport model)." The community paramedic may practice by applying specialized skills/protocols beyond that which he/she was originally trained or  working in non-traditional roles using existing skills (International Round Table of Community Paramedicine 2015).

The Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) utilizes Community Paramedicine (CP) in a variety of different ways to meet patient needs within our rural and urban communities. CP is whatever each community needs in that area, delivered in a manner that can be individualized for specific patients or generalized for groups of patients. Thus the programming is quite flexible, but based on similar foundation skill sets and working within the established protocols from the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics.

2017-02-10 Provincial Community Paramedicine Presentation .pdf

Goals of Community Paramedicine:

  • Delivering care Closer to Home.
  • To augment services available.
  • To provide assistance with gaps in service.
  • To create dynamic inter-professional working relationships between provider levels within the health care system. 
  • Emergency Department patient flow supports.

Community Paramedicine Settings:

Partnerships have been developed with the following care areas to deliver CP  in many communities:

  • Home Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Public Health
  • Acute Care
  • Community Environments

Community Paramedicine Programming 

 CP Programming is available in the following communities:

​Service Available ​Humboldt​Lanigan​Saskatoon​Strasbourg​WadenaWakaw​Watrous​Wynyard ​
​Phlebotomy XXX​​ X
​​​Antibiotics XX​XXX​​X
​Assessments XXXX​​X
​​Lift AssistXXX​​X
​​​ED Assist ​​XXXXX
​LTC Assist X​​XXX​XX


CP Programming is available with the following Ambulance Services:

  • Humboldt & District Ambulance - Humboldt, SK
  • Lanigan & District Ambulance - Lanigan, SK
  • Midway Ambulance Care Ltd - Wynyard, SK 
  • MD Ambulance Care Ltd - Saskatoon, SK
  • Shamrock Ambulance Care Inc - Wadena, SK
  • Strasbourg Emergency Medical Services - Strasbourg, SK
  • Wakaw & District Emergency Medical Services  - Wakaw, SK
  • Watrous & District Ambulance - Watrous, SK
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