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Pre-hospital Emergency Services
SHR Volunteer Medical First Responders

​What is a Medical First Responder?

Medical First Responders are locally trained volunteers located within their home communities who are dispatched to 911 calls. The Medical First Responders are dedicated, reliable and who have accepted the responsibility of caring for neighbours and community members while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Being a Medical First Responder is a rewarding, exciting and dynamic volunteer position. This volunteer position involves partnerships between individuals, communities, SHR and local ambulance services.

A Medical First Responder can be any member of a community over the age of 18. Many are local farmers, retirees, volunteer fire fighters, and other interested community members. Almost anyone can be trained to become a first responder.

Medical First Responders are licensed by the Ministry of Health as an emergency medical services provider. Registration lasts for a two-year period, and requires an educational update every two years in order to maintain licensure. Training is provided by the SHR twice a year on the core competencies of the Medical First Responder scope of practice - spinal immobilization, airway management, patient assessment and CPR.

Medical First Responder Brochure - First responder brochure.pdf


How do I become a Medical First Responder? 

How do to get started:

  • Email to find out who the Medical First Responder Lead is in your community, and determine if there in a need in your community for Medical First Responders.
  • Complete and submit the following forms to the SHR: 
  • Once application forms have been submitted Pre-hospital EMS will contact applicants and provide information regarding upcoming training dates. 
  • The Red Cross First Aid Responder Program requires current CPR  status (healthcare provider level C or equivalent) to register for a course.
  • Medical First Responders will be provided with a 44 hour training course to build skills and an understanding of processes and obligations. Course dates and locations are available based on community needs.
  • Once training has been completed, successful applicants will be provided with a Ministry of Health First Responder Number and be dispatched to calls in their geographic/team area.

Medical First Responder Manual

Medical First Responder Manual 2018.pdf

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