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Prenatal Education

Welcome to prenatal education!

**Prenatal Education is currently unable to accept registrations for in-person classes due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Online registrations are still available during this time.  In the coming weeks a WebEx will be developed by a prenatal educator and will be made available to those wanting in-person classes.**

We are passionate about prenatal education because we believe that birth matters. Birth impacts the family in a profound way and is a deeply personal and life changing experience. Our goal is to provide expectant parents with the knowledge and strategies necessary to help them prepare for their labour, birth and postpartum experience while recognizing that each couple has their own unique vision.

Partners and support:

Women are encouraged to bring their partner, or other main support person with them to classes. We believe empowering partners to be equally knowledgeable and passionate about the task at hand in the role of 'key supporter' increases the likelihood of a more positive birth. Labours with good support tend to be shorter, less painful, and require less intervention.

Our class leaders:

Classes are facilitated by local Registered Nurses with many years combined experience working in childbirth education who are also Moms themselves.

When should I take classes?

Each series of classes provides information on labour and delivery, coping strategies, infant feeding, and postpartum adjustment. Classes include lectures, videos, and interactive participation. It is recommended to register early in your pregnancy as some classes fill up quickly. Ideally classes should be completed in your 6th to 7th month to be finished by 6 weeks before your due date.

Cost is $50.00/couple for the series and includes a comprehensive parenting book, "Baby's Best Chance" at no additional cost
(e-version for on-line classes)



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