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Primary Health Care
First Nations and Metis Partnerships

​Whitecap Dakota First Nation

The Saskatoon Health Region is partnering with the Whitecap Dakota First Nation to create a primary health care and chronic disease management service model. It will integrate health services, reduce fragmentation in health programs and services, and clarify roles and responsibilities. This work builds on an informal tripartite partnership between Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Saskatoon Health Region and First Nations and Inuit Health (Saskatchewan Region). This partnership will better integrate First Nations health services into provincial and national health plans. This agreement links three projects - Health Services Integration Project, Primary Health Care Innovation Site and Flexible Health Transfer. Four key work areas have been identified in this agreement: strengths mapping, community health needs assessment, health indicators and a consensus to generate shared knowledge. The Saskatoon Health Region and Whitecap Dakota First Nation have signed a Letter of Understanding and Service Agreements for 2013-14 to provide clinical supervision and support for several program areas. In addition, a Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) has recently joined the team, and an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application was introduced. 

The Saskatoon Health Region and Whitecap Dakota First Nation have signed a Letter of Understanding and Service Agreements for 2013-14 to provide clinical supervision and support for several program areas.

Fishing Lake First Nation

Fishing Lake is an independent Saulteaux First Nation band located in the eastern part of the province in Treaty 4 territory.  The Saskatoon Health Region has connected with the Saulteaux band over the years as members from the First Nation often access health services in the neighboring communities of Wadena and Wynyard.  The Saskatoon Health Region strives to provide full access and passionate care to its communities, as such in the health region saw an opportunity to provide nurse practitioner services within the First Nation.  The nurse practitioner will visit the Chamkun Health Centre twice a week to offer care to its community members, this has been seen as a valued resource as many families enjoy the proximity of having a practitioner within their community.  ​​

Chronic Disease Management from Saskatoon Health Region also visit Fishing Lake – the offer the services of a diabetes nurse educator and a dietician. 

White Buffalo Youth Lodge 

White Buffalo Youth Lodge is a partnership between Saskatoon Health Region, Saskatoon Tribal Council, City of Saskatoon, and Central Urban Metis Federation Inc. It offers a unique partnership with the Tribal Council in efforts to create more meaningful services in a culturally sensitive way. The Lodge was officially opened in December 2000 at 602 - 20th Street West in Saskatoon.  White Buffalo is a multipurpose health and recreation facility located in a core area of Saskatoon which has a high aboriginal population. The primary health team at White Buffalo Youth includes a primary health nurse practitioner, addictions worker, public health staff, and a physician from the West Side Community Clinic.​

Oskayak High School 

Oskāyak High School was established in 1981 as the Native Survival School and served the Aboriginal community. Since then it has gone through two name changes; The first being Joe Duquette High School in 1989 and then finally the current Oskāyak  High School name in 2007.​​

The Saskatoon Health Region has had a long on going partnerships with Oskayak High School offering services like Healthy Mother Healthy Baby, when it was still named Joe Duquette.  Naturally, overtime other health services became integrated into the school such as public health nurse and speech language pathology.  Than in early 2013 Saskatoon Health Region Primary Health Services began delivering Nurse Practitioner services in Oskayak High School.  With the addition of a nursepractitioner services students now have the opportunity to gain quick and easy access to a health professional that can prescribe and diagnose just like that of a physician. This has been a fantastic addition to the already established health services at Oskayak and Primary Health continues to ensure that the students have fair and full access to these health services. 

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