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Primary Health Care
Community Development and Facilitation

​Community Development is part of Primary Health within the Saskatoon Health Region. Community Developers work with community groups in their efforts to achieve healthier communities.

Primary Health Care is a system that ensures:

  • Broad approach to health

  • Multiple, linked services

  • The right health provider at the right time

  • Involvement of the public

  • Recognition that good health is influenced by many factors

Community development in Primary Health Care:

  • Encourages community participation in health

  • Focuses on the creation of healthier communities

  • Expands understanding of factors that sustain health of communities

Priority areas for community development

Priority areas change over time but focus largely on populations that experience health inequities. Current priorities include:

  • Primary Health Team and Site Development

  • Seniors

  • Children and Youth

  • Poverty

  • Social Research

  • Linking the Community and the University

  • First Nations and Metis Communities

  • Community Development Education

  • Housing for vulnerable people

Who do we work with?

Partnerships and collaborations are built with community groups, community-based organizations, the University of Saskatchewan, and professional associates within Saskatoon Health Region, in other sectors and in the community.

Skills and resources

Community Developers provide a variety of skills and resources, depending on the group and the focus of the work. Community Development strategies may include:

  • Primary Health Teams support and development

  • Development and maintenance of partnerships and linkages

  • Facilitation of group processes including strategic planning

  • Research and writing

  • Resource development

  • Analysis of underlying issues

  • Conflict resolution

  • Group and leadership development

  • Reflective practice

Values of community development in Primary Health Care:

  • ​​Respect - The inherent worth, dignity, and abilities of all people.

  • Equity- Fairness and justice.

  • Participation - Inclusive, meaningful participation for all people in decisions that affect their lives.

  • Power Sharing - Work toward a more equitable balance of power

  • Meaningful Process - The way of working is as important as the goal. Goals are owned by the community.

  • Hope - Development and change begins with individual people who must have hope that things will change.

  • Integrity - We value honesty and believe that we have to demonstrate accountability to all with whom we work. 


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