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Primary Health Care
What is a Primary Health Care Team?

A Primary Health Care team includes a wide range of professionals and community members, and is developed with each individual community in order to best suit their unique needs and environment. 

Members of Primary Health Care teams are committed to working together towards healthiest communities, believing that each person brings unique and important experience and wisdom to the team – including the people who access services. 

A focus on team development supports strong relationship-building with trust and respect as the foundation, and encourages team members to think creatively about different opportunities to improve community health.  Strong inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral team functioning ensures a holistic perspective on what makes a community healthy. 

Primary Health Care team members might include any combination of Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Diabetic Educator, Cultural Support Worker, Community Recreation Coordinator, Dietitian, Community Pharmacist, Massage Therapist, Dentist, Chronic Disease Management Clinician, Lab & X-Ray Technician, Registered Nurse, Paramedic, Community Outreach Worker, Medical Office Assistant, Chiropractor, Mental Health & Addictions Counselor, Occupational Therapist, Speech & Language Pathologist, Exercise Therapist, Home Care Worker, In Motion Consultant, Early Childhood Development Specialist, School Teacher, Town Councilor, Health Team Facilitators, Community Developers, etc.  

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