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Saskatoon Early Childhood Speech & Language Clinic

General Information

Speech Language Pathologists identify, assess and treat children with communication disorders. Services provided are covered by Saskatchewan Health.​

Communication disorders can include:

  • Pronunciation difficulties
  • Difficulty using words and sentences to communicate
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Stuttering

Speech Language Pathologists are licensed health care professionals. They are trained at accredited universities and have Master's degrees (or equivalent)..

What Services do we provide?

Speech and language services are provided to children from birth to entry into kindergarten with specific speech and language issues not associated with a cognitive, physical or behavioural challenge and who reside in the city of Saskatoon.

Services offered include:

  • Assessments, hearing screenings, recommendations and home programming for children with speech and language difficulties
  • Following an assessment, recommendations may include:
    • Referrals to other programs and/or services
    • Parent training classes for parents of children with speech or language difficulties
    • Individual and/or group treatment for children with speech and language difficulties
  • Consultation to child care homes and centres regarding speech and language development and communication enhancement strategies
  • Early Childhood Educator training
  • Consultation to classrooms regarding speech and language development and communication enhancement strategies

How do I access services?

Referrals to our Outpatient Clinic can be made by parents/caregivers, physicians, public health nurses, and other health professionals. A physician referral is not required..  To make a referral, call 306-655-2434, OR Print out, complete and return thisSLP Referral Form.pdf  to Primary Health Speech Language Pathology at Royal University Hospital (map).

Services are also available in select Child Care Centres/Homes and Pre-kindergarten programs. Please contact your care provider/teacher to learn about potential speech language services. 

More information on Speech Language Services in Saskatoon Health Region





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