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North Saskatchewan Dementia Assessment Outreach Team Referral


The Ministry of Health has provided funding to create two specialty dementia programs - one in Regina to provide service to the southern half of the province, and one in Saskatoon to provide service for the north. The northern program is comprised of an outreach team and an inpatient unit located at Parkridge Centre. The expectations of the northern areas will be to partner and collaborate with the outreach team to ensure resident focused care that follows these key parameters:

  • short stay (up to 90 days)
  • Not a permanent placement; must maintain their current living environment
  • Not an emergency/crisis service
  • Regional resources exhausted prior to referral

Dementia Assessment Outreach Team

The Dementia Assessment Outreach Team provides support to individuals with a primary diagnosis of dementia who are experiencing responsive behaviours, which are not being managed in their current living environment. The Outreach Team will provide interdisciplinary assessment and recommendations, with the goal of stabilizing responsive behaviours in the client's current environment. The Outreach Team provides access to social work, psychology, occupational therapy, geriatric psychiatry and pharmacy.

Dementia Assessment Neighbourhood (Eastview)

The Dementia Assessment Neighbourhood (Eastview) is a five bed transition unit located at Parkridge Centre in Saskatoon. Services include assessment, observation, care, and treatment planning, for up to 90 days. In order to access the unit a referral must first be made to the Outreach Team. While on Eastview, service assessments will be provided by: Occupatonal therapy, social work, psychology, geriatric psychiatry, physician, pharmacy, recreation therapy and nursing/care staff.

Referral Criteria

  • Primary diagnosis of age-related degenerative dementia with responsive behaviours
  • Medically stable
  • Require enhanced behavioural support in their current care environment
  • Exclusionary criteria:
    • delirium
    • primary diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury

To make a referral

Accompanying documentation

IMPORTANT: Inlcude ALL referral criteria when submitting the referral form

  1. 7-Day Direct Observation System (DOS)
  2. Medication Administration Record (MAR) or list of medications
  3. PRN Medication Sheet
  4. Blood Work ( less than 3 months) including CBC, Renal and Liver panel, TSH, B12 and folates, HgA1c, Blood glucose, Calcium, Vitamin D, Urinalysis, Urine C&S
  5. Most Recent MDS report including Outcome Scales and CAP reports (if available)

If you have any questions, please email or call 306-655-3844.

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