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Women's Health Centre

Women's Health Centre

Saskatoon Health Region’s Women’s Health Centre opened at Saskatoon City Hospital in October 2010. The Centre consolidates existing women’s health procedures into one location to transform the care and service experience through fewer patient transfers and shorter day procedure stays.

  • Patients arrive at a warm, friendly environment focused on women’s health only. Patients check in, are prepared for the procedure, treated and recover in one location.
  • Patients have a shorter stay and only need local anaesthesia or moderate sedation (rather than general anaesthesia) as a result of improved technology used at the centre.
  • Patients see and talk with the same care providers throughout their stay. This results in continuity of care and fewer transfers between Region departments. Staff have the ability to work closely with patients from the beginning to end of their stay.

Patients with an appointment at the Women’s Health Centre register at Saskatoon City Hospital Patient Registration (main floor). The patient then proceeds to the Women’s Health Centre for the remainder of their visit.

Women's Mid-Life Health Program

Patients must be referred to this program by their family doctor, nurse practitioner or naturopathic medicine doctor.

Women's Mid-Life Health Program Logo

The Women’s Mid-Life Health Program helps women by providing a variety of resources to:

  • women who are approaching menopause (called peri-menopause)
  • women who are in the post-menopausal phase of life
  • referring physicians
  • other associated health care professionals such as pharmacy,
  • nutrition, nursing, medical and nursing students

Our Program helps women to make informed decisions about their mid-life health by:

  • exploring options to manage their peri/post menopausal symptoms
  • promoting healthy lifestyle choices to prevent disease
  • identifying women at higher risk of disease through appropriate screening
  • providing diagnosis and optimal treatment

We are committed to providing:

  1. Education, information, assessment, diagnosis and treatment for women who have been referred by their family doctor, nurse practitioner or naturopathic medicine doctor.
  2. Community education and information about menopause (peri and post) through free public forums and at your work-place.
  3. Information and learning opportunities for clinicians and students of other health related areas.
  4. Participation in research.
  5. Collaboration with other health care-giving agencies.
  6. Collaboration and information-sharing with other nationally and international menopause clinics.
  7. Commitment to maintaining the most current research-based knowledge about women’s health.
    • Each fall our doctor and nurse attend the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) conference and every three years our doctor attends the International Menopause Society Conference. They are NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioners.
    • The services provided by the Centre enhance the continuing care provided by family physicians and specialists.


The Women’s Mid-Life Health Program is successful with the help and dedication of our many volunteers.

Fundraising Committee

  • Arranges awesome and exciting fundraising events
Resource and Information Committee
  • Newsletter mailing bee four times per year
  • Planning for free public forums
  • Assisting at the forums
  • Editing articles

For resources and information about mid-life health see our website at or e-mail us at

Contact Us

Women’s Mid-Life Health Program
Women's Health Centre
701 Queen Street
Saskatoon SK S7K 0M7

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