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Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
Core Values
Sustainability:​Our Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) strives to implement quality improvement interventions that are not only safe and effective but also sustainable with current resources.  Thus, our ASP places great value on both demonstrating positive changes through our efforts and maintaining those improvements over time.
Teamwork:​Our ASP recognizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration, complimenting the role of physicians specializing in infectious diseases and clinical pharmacists. Our ASP works in collaboration with Infection Prevention and Control and the Microbiology Laboratory. Quality improvement interventions are developed and carried out with the support of various health care providers including physicians, pharmacists and nurses in order to optimize patient outcomes.
​Evidence-based:​Our ASP is committed to employing evidence-based strategies to optimize antimicrobial usage and clinical outcomes while minimizing adverse events for patients. Quality improvement methodology is employed with ongoing surveillance in order to demonstrate both effectiveness and safety of our interventions.
Well-balanced:​Our ASP engages and collaborates with the leaders from a wide array of disciplines to promote adoption and execution of our strategies and recommendations. Our ASP is dedicated to working with a wide array of health care workers, including internists, surgeons, pharmacists and nurses, in order to optimize patient outcomes and antimicrobial usage.
​Adaptability:​Our ASP understands that with the evolution of antimicrobial resistance and emerging infectious diseases, it is critical to be flexible and malleable. Our proposed interventions and recommendations will continue to evolve over time in order to be consistent with current treatment guidelines and changing antimicrobial resistance patterns.
​Risk Reduction:​Our ASP understands that unnecessary antimicrobials or selection of antimicrobials that do not align with the patient’s clinical illness can potentially lead to the development of antimicrobial resistance and place patients at risk of drug toxicity. Our ASP interventions are designed to optimize antimicrobial effectiveness and minimize the potential for adverse events.
​Dedication to excellence:​Our ASP members strive to be leaders in the areas of antimicrobial stewardship, quality improvement and patient safety. Our ASP plans to study the impact of our interventions and share our findings with key stakeholders. We are committed to recommending safe, effective strategies to optimize antimicrobial usage.


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