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Chronic Disease Management
About Diabetes Program

Who is it for

Individuals with type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes, & pre-diabetes


Provide education, self-management, and support for families and/or individuals living with diabetes.

​Target Group ​Service

​Individual Education

LiveWell Community Diabetes Programs

​Following physician or self-referral, the individual is contacted directly and seen by a nurse and/or dietitian. Family members are encouraged to attend appointments. Short term follow-up is provided for type 2 and regular follow-up is provided for type 1.

​Group Education

LiveWell Community Diabetes Programs

​Following physician or self-referral, the individual is contacted directly. Group education is provided for newly diagnosed individuals and their family by a dietitian and exercise therapist(s). Follow-up group session is provided for participants

​Children 0-17 years of age with type 1,
type 2 & secondary diabetes

Newly diagnosed children/youth are seen for 3-5 days inpatient or outpatient for education and medical management at Royal University Hospital.

Follow-up (phone, fax, in person, email) occurs frequently in the first year.

Clinic visits with team occur every 3-6 months plus Dietitian, Nurse and Social Worker appointments in between as needed.​

Care team made up of Pediatric Endocrinologists, Pediatrician, Nurses, Dietitian, and Social Worker.

Admission by referral to physician only.
For untreated, new type 1, call: 306-655-1000. Ask for pediatric endocrinologist on call.

Fax non urgent referrals to: 306-844-1536 Newly diagnosed Type 1 children are considered urgent.


Admission by physician referral only.

Education is provided for any pregnant woman with pre-existing diabetes (type 1 or 2) or gestational diabetes.

Women with gestational diabetes meet with a dietititian for an individual appointment. Follow-up is booked as necessary.

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic is for those with pre-existing diabetes or the women with gestational diabetes that require insulin.

Clinic is every Tuesday afternoon at RUH and every second Thursday morning at West Winds Primary Health Centre.

​Outpatient Adult Clinics

​Clients are seen by the medical specialist, nurse and/ or dietitian. Individuals will be encouraged to achieve optimal diabetes control using self-management skills.

Admission by physician referral only.


How to Register

Physician referral or self referral with a physician within the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Referral on CDM Home Page.




Appointment based and/or refer to "service" section


  • RUH 103 Hospital Drive - Main Floor, Royal University Hospital
  • West Winds Primary Healthcare Center, 3311 Fairlight Drive
  • Aim 4 Health, 2409 22nd Street West



306-655-2136 phone
306-655-6758 fax

Diabetes links

Help in Your Region (link)- Listing of Saskatchewan Health Regions Diabetes Educators from (provincial website)

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