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The LiveWell Diabetes Program has started to develop the building blocks of a logic model to provide information for our community on our vision, mission, values, framework, including information on our teams and the programs and services provided.

Included in this information is an overarching logic model on Diabetes Prevention and Management for SHR and an environmental scan of existing programs and services.

LiveWell Diabetes Program Model pdf (link)

SHR Diabetes Reference Group Work plan pdf (link)

Building Blocks pdf (links)

  1. Priorities Guiding LiveWell Diabetes
  2. INPUTS - What we invest in LiveWell Diabetes
  3. OUTPUTS - What we do (activities) and who we reach in LiveWell Diabetes
Chronic Disease Management
About Diabetes Program

Who is it for

Individuals with type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes, & pre-diabetes


Provide education, self-management, and support for families and/or individuals living with diabetes.

​Target Group ​Service

​Individual Education

LiveWell Community Diabetes Programs

​Following physician or self-referral, the individual is contacted directly and seen by a nurse and/or dietitian. Family members are encouraged to attend appointments. Short term follow-up is provided for type 2 and regular follow-up is provided for type 1.

​Group Education

LiveWell Community Diabetes Programs

​Following physician or self-referral, the individual is contacted directly. Group education is provided for newly diagnosed individuals and their family by a dietitian and exercise therapist(s). Follow-up group session is provided for participants

​Children 0-17 years of age with type 1,
type 2 & secondary diabetes

Newly diagnosed children/youth are seen for 3-5 days inpatient or outpatient for education and medical management at Royal University Hospital.

Follow-up (phone, fax, in person, email) occurs frequently in the first year.

Clinic visits with team occur every 3-6 months plus Dietitian, Nurse and Social Worker appointments in between as needed.​

Care team made up of Pediatric Endocrinologists, Pediatrician, Nurses, Dietitian, and Social Worker.

Admission by referral to physician only.
For untreated, new type 1, call: 306-655-1000. Ask for pediatric endocrinologist on call.

Fax non urgent referrals to: 306-844-1536 Newly diagnosed Type 1 children are considered urgent.


Admission by physician referral only.

Education is provided for any pregnant woman with pre-existing diabetes (type 1 or 2) or gestational diabetes.

Women with gestational diabetes meet with a dietititian for an individual appointment. Follow-up is booked as necessary.

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic is for those with pre-existing diabetes or the women with gestational diabetes that require insulin.

Clinic is every Tuesday afternoon at RUH and every second Thursday morning at West Winds Primary Health Centre.

​Outpatient Adult Clinics

​Clients are seen by the medical specialist, nurse and/ or dietitian. Individuals will be encouraged to achieve optimal diabetes control using self-management skills.

Admission by physician referral only.


How to Register

Physician referral or self referral with a physician within the Saskatoon Health Region. Referral on CDM Home Page.




Appointment based and/or refer to "service" section


  • RUH 103 Hospital Drive - Main Floor, Royal University Hospital
  • West Winds Primary Healthcare Center, 3311 Fairlight Drive
  • Aim 4 Health, 2409 22nd Street West



306-655-2136 phone
306-655-6758 fax

Diabetes links

Help in Your Region (link)- Listing of Saskatchewan Health Regions Diabetes Educators from (provincial website)

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