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CDC Outbreak Management
Long Term Care Homes

Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Outbreak Management in Long Term Care (LTC)

​COVID-19 Update

If one or more residents develop symptoms, Don't Wait ... Isolate.

  • Isolate the symptomatic resident(s)
  • Initiate Droplet/Contact Plus Precautions
  • Start enhanced cleaning
  • Inform resident's MRHP
  • Report to Public Health.  If within the Saskatoon Health Area, please phone 306-655-4620 to report
  • Test each symptomatic resident for COVID-19

DC-145 COVID Community Resident Illness Linelist

Covid Outbreak Checklist can be found here: 

Signs and symptoms may include: fever, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, hoarse voice, nasal or sinus congestion, headache, runny nose, joint pain, or loss of sense of taste or smell.  Atypical symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increased fatigue or lethargy, muscle aches, chills, malaise, or an acute functional decline.

Access the Ministry of Health webpage for more information for Continuing Care. 

All documents are PDFs unless otherwise noted.

Outbreak Preparation

DC 300 Outbreak Preparation Checklist
DC 321 LTC Demographics Page  (fillable PDF)
DC 205 LTC Outbreak Team Members (fillable PDF)
DC 423 Outbreak Folder and Kit Contents List
DC 463 Outbreak Declared Over - Checklists and Posters Order Form (fillable PDF)
DC 490 Pharmacy off hours contact info (fillable PDF)

Suspect & Confirmed Outbreak

Outbreak Checklists (PDF):

DC 99 Confirmed and Suspect Outbreak Definitions
DC 424 Suspect Outbreak Checklist
DC 425 Confirmed Outbreak Checklist
DC 429 Outbreak Declared Over Checklist

Line List forms:

DC 134 Resident GI
DC 133 Staff GI
DC 174 Resident Respiratory
DC 136 Staff Respiratory

Outbreak Preparation Video (Don't Wait . . .  Isolate)

Cohorting Staff

DC 491 General Cohorting Principles for Outbreaks

Manager Resources:

Influenza - Collective Agreement Interpretations
Infonet Manager Resources

Infonet Leader Weekly Resources

Influenza Interpretation for HSAS
Influenza Interpretation for SEIU
Influenza Interpretation for SUN

Transfers or Move Ins During Confirmed Outbreak

DC 489 Request to Transfer or Move In During Confirmed Outbreak (fillable form)
Work Standard-Move-ins-Transfers During Confirmed Outbreak

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Resources

Personal and Protective Equipment How to Video (SHR Infonet)
Additional Precautions (contact, droplet, airborne policies) (web page)
Contact Precautions - LTC Family and Visitor Information
Droplet and Contact Plus Precautions - LTC Family and Visitor Information
Donning PPE Poster
Doffing PPE Poster
Continuous and Extended PPE Use Guidelines Continuing Care
AGMP Settle Time Poster
AGMP's List
Disinfecting Face Shields
How to Wear a Mask

Hand Hygiene Resources

Germ Smart Hand Hygiene Resources for Healthcare Workers (web page)

Specimen Collection

Nasopharyngeal Swab for Influenza Testing
Specimen Labels
Requisition Labels (respiratory only)
Transport of Outbreak Specimens After Hours - Saskatoon Urban

​Saskatoon Regional Lab

SHA Saskatoon Lab Requisitions

​Requisition Instructions

Outbreak Database

Quick Reference
LTC Outbreak Electronic Data Entry Manual

Medication Administration in an Outbreak

Rx Files Drugs for Influenza
AMMI Canada Guidelines on Antiviral Drugs for Influenza
NACI Statement on Seasonal Influenza
Lexicomp - Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) product monograph (website)
Physician Orders for Tamiflu in Influenza Outbreak
DC 192 Tamiflu Prophylaxis/Tx form
Management of Employees, Physicians & Other Health Care Workers During Influenza
Outbreaks in Long Term Care and Integrated Facilities - Antiviral Use for Influenza Outbreaks in Special Care Homes


DC 433 Checklist for Cleaning Resident Care Equipment
DC 434 Checklist for Common Areas Enhanced Cleaning
DC 435 Checklist for Resident Room Enhanced Cleaning

LTC Environmental & Equipment Cleaning Information (SHR Infonet)
- Presentations and Videos
- Other resources
- Housekeeping Cue Cards & Quick Reference Charts

DC 438 LTC Enhanced Cleaning for Outbreaks Guidelines
Infection Prevention & Control Back to Basic's Checklist (SHR Infonet)
Linen Policy (SHR Infonet)

Disease Fact Sheets

- Is it a cold or the flu?
- DC 138 Gastrointestinal
- DC 193 Norovirus
- DC 383 Influenza for the General Public
- DC 382 Influenza for Health Care Workers
- DC 38 Rotavirus
- DC 45 Human Metapneumovirus
- DC 42 Antiviral Meds in Health Care
- DC 495 Respiratory Illness in LTC
- DC 496 Influenza Information for Residents in LTC Homes

Other Outbreak Reference Materials

Outbreaks in LTC & Integrated Facilities (Sk Ministry of Health)

Outbreaks in LTC & Integrated Facilities Generic Protocol
DC 283a Roles and Responsibilities during an LTC Outbreak
DC 283b Criteria for a Site Visit During an Outbreak
Outbreak Management in Long Term Care
Visitor Restrictions During Outbreak
Resident Pets, Pet Visitation & Pet Therapy in LTC
Saskatchewan Ministry of Health Public Eating Establishment Standards
Guidance Infection Prevention and Control


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