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Health Promotion
School Health Promotion

​Population and Public Health provides schools with resources and tools that can be used by administrators, secretaries and teachers to support the school community with important health information.

Included are printable health information forms, teacher resources and school newsletter inserts that will assist schools with providing health promotion information.


Health Information and Handouts for School Staff:

​Allergy Aware School and Childcare Setting (HP-302)​X​X​X
Bed Bugs: What Schools Need to Know (online document)​X​X​X
Control of Communicable Diseases (DC-189)​X​X
​Head Lice in Your Child's Classroom Letter (DC-150)
Head Lice Notification Letter (DC-151)
Help Control Head Lice (Ministry of Health fact sheet)

​Health Education Resources Online (PPH-69)
Germ Smart Online resources (Pre-K to Gr12)
Talk (Tobacco Prevention -Gr. 5) online
There's More to Poverty than Meets the Eye - Educational Resource (Gr.6-9)
in motion school resources
Nutrition Positive
Oral Health Program


​Immunization Letters
Letter to Grade 6 Teachers
Letter to Grade 8 Teachers
Letter to Principal

​Kindergarten Health Information (PPH-142)​XX
​Managing Food Allergy in Schools Educational Webinar (HP-304)​X​X​X
Needle Safety:  It's Everyone's Concern (PPH-17)​X​X
​Nutrition Education Resources for Grades K to 3 (HP-122)​X
​Nutrition Education Resources for Grades 4 to 6 (HP-123)​X
Nutrition Education Resources for Grades 7 to 9 (HP-124)​X
Population and Public Health - Service Information for
Parents/Guardians & Teachers

​Protect Your Child With Free Immunization (DC-290c-urban)
Protect Your Child With Free Immunization (DC-290b-rural)

​Recognizing Hearing Problems in School Age Children (HF-18)​X
​Recognizing Vision Problems in School Age Children (HF-19)​X
School Health Promotion Resources & Community Supports (HP-80)​X
​Sexual Health Education Online Resource list (SH-375)​X
Tree Nut and Peanut Food Allergens (HP-303)​X​XX


School Newsletter Inserts

The school newsletter inserts contain topics of interest to child health and family wellbeing that have been written or reviewed by public health professionals.  The school newsletter inserts are formatted as "newsletter ready" picture files that can be copied directly into your school newsletters.  Schools in the Saskatoon Area receive the MS-Word document containing the newsletter inserts at the beginning of the school year.


Recommended Month

​Chicken PoxX
​Information on the Common ColdX
Immunization Notice September 2019X
​When Should Your Child Stay HomeX​X
​Healthy Eating for Meetings​X
​Safe School Lunches​X
​Eat Better, Eat TogetherXX​
​Fifth DiseaseX
​Do More, Watch LessXX
​Breakfast Gets Top Marks​X
​Pink EyeX
​Head LiceX
​Healthy Eating Ideas for Year-End PartiesXX
​Sweet EnoughXX
​Mosquito PrecautionsXX
​West Nile Virus​X
Petting Zoos and Farms​X
​Your Child and CyclingXX


School Newsletter Inserts Instructions (PDF)
School Newsletter Inserts Instructions (Word)

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