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There's More to Poverty than Meets the Eye

Education Resource for Grades 6-9

Building Engaged Citizens for Poverty Reduction and Community Well-Being 

Downloadable PDF:

Poverty Education Resource Grades 6-9 (PDF)

Curriculum Connections:

Social Studies, Health Education, Language Arts, Religious Studies.
Cross-curricular connections to other subject areas.

Designed to:

Broaden students' understanding of local poverty; effects and root causes, relationship to community health and well-being, poverty reduction strategies.
Build empathy for those who are directly affected.
Inspire social responsibility and engaged citizenship.


Teacher information, student materials and activities.
Connections to curriculum outcomes in Social Studies and Health Education.


Successfully piloted in six Saskatoon and area schools.
Highly rated by students and educators.

Curriculum Connections by Grade

Downloadable PDFs:

Grade 6 (PDF)
Grade 7 (PDF)
Grade 8 (PDF)
Grade 9 (PDF)

 For more information contact:
306-655-4630 or


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