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Organ and Tissue Donation
Offer Hope Campaign

Organ and tissue donation awareness

Duc knows what it's like to wait.

For three years, he's been waiting for a kidney transplant - his second.

"When my first kidney failed, I was devastated," Duc Pflegervu says of the transplant he received from a deceased donor. "My transplant lasted six years, and I've now been back on dialysis for another three years."

Although advances are extending the life of transplanted organs, transplant failures remain.

When we support organ and tissue donation, we are given an opportunity to save or improve other people's lives. Sometimes this opportunity presents itself while we are still living, through the donation of a non-vital organ (e.g., kidney). Other times we are given an opportunity to offer hope even after our own life has ended.

Learn more about organ and tissue donation, hear from donors and recipients, and talk to your family about your decision to donate.

Talk to your family

​It's important for you and your family to know each other's donation decision. Families who talk about their decision to donate are more likely to honour the wishes of their loved ones should organ and tissue donation be possible after death.

It's a discussion that could save lives.

About the campaign

Duc is one of six people affected by organ and tissue donation who is taking part in a provincial campaign to raise awareness about the impact of organ and tissue donation. During the campaign, six inspiring stories of donors and recipients will be told through videos and posters. The first story, released December 2014, featured Acacia, a young woman whose donation of six organs after her death saved five lives. The second story featured Cheryl, a heart transplant recipient, and the third featured Oliver, a kidney transplant recipient. A new story will be told each month until May 2015.

In addition to the videos and posters, an Offer Hope Toolkit is available to help families and communities to start talking about organ and tissue donation. Read the campaign news release. Watch the campaign video.​


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