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Organ and Tissue Donation
Donors and Recipients

Hear from donors and recipients 

Many people in Saskatchewan are affected by organ and tissue donation. Some are on the transplant wait list, while others have received a life-saving organ or life-enhancing tissue.

Acacia's story

Acacia Rachael Tisher was 18 when she died and donated six organs to five people. Watch a video about Acacia, read her story or request a poster.

Cheryl's story

Heart transplant recipient Cheryl Olson calls the woman who made possible her heart transplant in 2008 her heart hero. Watch a video about Cheryl, read her story or request a poster.

Oliver's story

Kidney transplant recipient Oliver Senger received a kidney from his father four years ago. Watch a video about Oliver, read his story or request a poster.

Duc's story

Duc Pflegervu has been on the kidney transplant wait list for the past three years. Watch a video about Duc, read his story or request a poster.

Bonnie's story

Bonnie Cockrum is an altruistic donor who donated one of her kidneys to a woman she met while at work. Watch a video about Bonnie, read her story or request a poster.

Running for life

Over 200 organ and tissue donors, recipients and their families gathered at the Transplant Trot in Saskatoon on May 10, 2015. Among them were some of the participants in the 2015 Offer Hope Campaign: Bonnie and Deb, Cheryl and Oliver. Watch a video about the Trot, read a story or request a poster.

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