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Kidney Transplants
Kidney transplant assessment

Patients are referred to the Saskatchewan Transplant program by their nephrologist. The transplant team then completes the necessary assessments to determine if the patient is eligible to receive a kidney. If eligible, this person is placed on a wait list.

Options for individuals in need of a kidney transplant

Kidney transplants may originate from living or deceased donors. Healthy individuals wishing to donate a kidney must first be tested and screened based on standard criteria. A donor must be a match with a recipient, and this match requires compatibility between blood types and cell proteins.

The Canadian Transplant Registry, maintained by Canadian Blood Services, provides patients from provincial transplantation programs, like the Saskatchewan Transplant Program, with improved opportunities for a kidney transplant through:

  • Kidney Paired Donation: This registry facilitates living kidney donations between people with a willing but incompatible donor and another pair of individuals in the same situation.
  • Highly Sensitized Patient Registry: This national, kidney-donor, organ-sharing registry provides kidney transplant opportunities for hard-to-match highly sensitized patients through access to a larger number of potential donors. Highly sensitized patients are individuals with past exposure to foreign tissue through pregnancy, past transplants or past blood transfusions. These patients are at higher risk of rejecting a kidney, and this increased risk makes it challenging to find a match. This registry, implemented in Saskatchewan in October 2013, allows for matches across Canada rather than solely in the province. Download the fact sheet

Post-transplant clinic

After receiving a kidney transplant, patients are supported by the transplant team. Outpatient clinic visits ensure the well-being of patients by monitoring the functioning of the transplanted kidney, and by providing social support and medication management support.

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