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Organ and Tissue Donation
Quick Facts
  • One organ donor can save up to eight lives and one tissue donor can enhance the lives of 75 people.
  • In Saskatchewan, about 70 people are waiting for a kidney transplant and more than 80 are waiting for a cornea transplant.
  • In 2016, there were 14 multi-organ donors and 39 cornea donors in our province; 29 people received a kidney transplant; and 58 cornea transplants were performed.
  • The first transplant in Saskatchewan, a kidney, took place just over 50 years ago on December 10, 1963, and over 800 kidney transplants have been performed in our province since.
  • Saskatchewan has the largest surgical bone donation program in Canada. Most donated bone comes from hip replacement surgery and is used in many surgical procedures that require bone grafts.
  • Age doesn't matter: Canada's oldest organ donor was 93.
  • Donation will only be considered after every effort has been made to save your life.
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