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Organ and Tissue Donation
Saskatchewan Transplant Program

The Saskatchewan Transplant Program was established in 1989 to facilitate organ and tissue donation and transplantation for Saskatchewan residents. The transplant team includes physicians, surgeons, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and many other healthcare providers who offer services in both Saskatoon and Regina.

Through the program, individuals can donate or receive kidneys (from both living and deceased donors). The program also provides tissue (including corneas) and all other organs to programs that do these transplants or procedures. When patients need a heart, lung, liver or pancreas transplant, they are placed on the National Organ Wait List (a feature of the Canadian Transplant Registry), which is maintained by Canadian Blood Services. The Wait List allows for organs other than kidneys to be shared between provinces for patients in urgent need of a transplant.

When an organ becomes available, the Saskatchewan Transplant Program works with its affiliates across the country to assist Saskatchewan patients who are being assessed for, or have received, a heart, lung, liver or pancreas transplant.

The Saskatchewan Transplant Program operates two organ and tissue banks: the Tissue and Bone Bank and the Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan.

Tissue and Bone Bank

This team obtains:

  • Bone from living and deceased donors
  • Heart valves from deceased donors, in cooperation with Alberta Health Services
  • Amniotic membrane from elective C-section deliveries.

Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan

This team obtains corneas from deceased donors for use in sight restoring corneal transplant surgery.

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