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About Research and InnovationResearch Approval
Research and Innovation
Research Approval

All research studies requiring access to Saskatchewan Health Authority resources or patients (including Personal Health Information) must obtain two types of approval prior to commencing:

1. Research Ethics Approval

2. Operational Approval.

Research ethics approval is obtained from one of the Province of Saskatchewan's recognized Research Ethics Board (University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan or the Saskatchewan Health Authority REB). The ethics review ensures that the proposed study is scientifically valid, ethically sound, compliant with legislation, and most importantly, minimizes risk to participants (patients and staff).

Operational Approval provides assurance that the research can be carried out safely by the impacted departments, within their current workload, and when possible, provides a mechanism for the Saskatchewan Health Authority to recapture the direct costs of supporting the research in a manner that is fair and transparent to researchers. 

Operational Approval Flow Chart (PDF) *new Feb. 1/19




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