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Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Construction - Latest Progress Updates

August 2017

The first nearly-complete spaces within the new hospital were completed in July, and the staff and physicians who will provide care had the first inspection.

Saskatoon Health Region staff and physicians with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) joined architects, engineers and contractor representatives to inspect two assessment rooms within the new NICU, located on the fourth floor of the new hospital. Construction on the two assessment rooms has progressed to the point where interior finishes and certain equipment items such as lighting are completed, except for the future equipment and furnishings that need to be added once construction is completed.

The intent of the assessment room inspections is to identify any construction issues and set the standard before the contractor proceeds with remaining rooms. This standard will then be replicated as the contractor completes all other rooms of a similar type. 

Involving clinical, infection prevention and control, and support services representatives in these inspections helps ensure any location conflicts between any items are identified and allows Saskatoon Health Region and representatives of the design team to establish the minimum standard of acceptability. It also helps ensure that everything from electrical outlets to location of services like medical gases, oxygen and suction on the headwalls of patient beds are in the right place as identified during the design process. Read more in this article.

July 2017

Construction has hit 63% completion as of the end of July with the hospital remaining on track to open in late 2019.

June 2017

Starting the week of June 12, crews for the new maternal and children's hospital will be moving into Phase 2 of the electrical bank construction. This will result in a section of roadway going INTO the parkade closing, reducing incoming and exiting parkade traffic to single lanes. Vehicle/ambulance access to the emergency department will be maintained. This is to create an electrical duct bank for critical connections needed between RUH and JPCH. A further traffic re-routing will occur in a few weeks as crews move to the next section of work.

May 2017

Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan is sitting high above the river bank in Saskatoon these days.

Construction of the building reached 55 per cent completion at the end of April, and it has nearly reached its full height, with construction of the helipad underway.

The concrete and steel structural work on the lower floors are the most complete at this point. The structure of the main floor, where the main entrance to the building is located, along with pediatric outpatients, is 100% complete. The structure of the ground floor below it, which will accommodate pediatric surgery and the separate emergency areas for children and adults, is about 90 per cent complete. 

Crews have completed 64 per cent of the second-, third- and fourth-floor structures, and construction of the west edge of the structure is underway as the hospital begins to extend above roadways leading into the parkade. This overhang area will accommodate a portion of the pediatric and maternal floors of the hospital.   

Over the next few months, construction work will also continue on exterior walls, with framing and window installation occurring to make all areas of the building exterior watertight.  Inside, ongoing interior steel stud work will continue, along with mechanical and electrical system rough-ins.  The interior finishes of the building will begin in May starting on the upper floors and progressing down to lower floors of the building.

The project remains on time and on budget.

April 2017

We have hit 53% construction completion as of the end of March.  Work will continue on exterior walls, framing and window installation to make all areas of the building exterior watertight. Inside, on-going interior steel stud work will continue, along with mechanical and electrical system rough-ins. And very soon, you will start to see the west edge of the structure extend above roadways leading into the parkade. This overhang area will accommodate a portion of the pediatric and maternal floors of the hospital. 

In early April, close to 100 clinical and support leaders along with Ministry of Health representatives gathered at a planning day to outline their operational plans for the next fiscal year.

The operational plans ensure all areas moving into and providing support to CHS are working together to realize efficiencies and more importantly, fulfill the vision of patient and family-centred care which is at the centre of CHS. From food and nutrition services to pediatric surgery, each team reported out to the crowd the work what will change in their care process when they move into the new building and then highlighted which operational milestones they achieved over the past year. The teams then outlined what needed to be accomplished in this, the final full year of operational planning.

Operational planning is targeted to conclude by late 2018 in order to prepare for the move-in (facility Activation) process, the final phase of work to  prepare for  the new hospital. This is anticipated to take a number of months after construction is completed.

Operational planning also involves integrating work with the overall procurement process for the hospital's equipment, fixtures and furnishings, which are being funded through donations to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. This includes involving clinical experts in the development of requests for proposals (RFPs) that are issued to market. These proposals outline the required specifications for equipment and, by including clinical experts, will ensure those pieces fulfill and support care delivery.

As of April, some of the proposals for major equipment items have already been issued into the market place in order to ensure pieces that need to be installed during the construction process are available and in place in order to keep the construction schedule on track.

March 2017

Construction of the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan has reached the halfway mark with the project hitting 50% construction completion this month.

The milestone came on the heels of a visual change in Saskatoon’s skyline. The smaller of the two construction cranes, at a height of 56 meters or nearly 184 feet, was used to move construction materials around the site. Installed in November 2015, this crane was scheduled to be removed once a majority of the building’s shell was completed. The larger tower crane, with a height of 80 meters or about 263 feet, will remain on site through to the end of construction. Construction completion remains on schedule and the $285.2 million project remains on budget. The hospital is currently scheduled to open in late 2019.

"Our government is thrilled to see the progress on this important project," Health Minister Jim Reiter said. "We recognize our partners, the Saskatoon Health Region and the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan, for the hard work and dedication they put in to reach this exciting construction milestone. Once completed, the Children's Hospital will greatly contribute to quality patient care and meet the unique needs of mothers, babies, children and teens in our province."

Read the news release here.

February 2017

Construction is underway to create important connections between our hospital and its neighbour, Royal University Hospital. Construction of one the main connectors - from 2nd Floor CHS and 4th Floor RUH - is underway and crews will do their best to minimize disruptions. This work is expected to conclude by late February.

Overall, the connections points between the two hospitals look like this:

  •  2nd Floor CHS to 4th Floor RUH  - available primarily to healthcare teams, this will assist in moving supplies back and forth, along with the ability to bring patients to major diagnostic services within RUH such as MRI and PET CT.
  • Ground Floor RUH to Ground Floor CHS - will support healthcare teams in transporting adult emergency patients to Royal University Hospital’s adult operating rooms and the intensive care and coronary care units, along with adult inpatient units.
  • Basement - will support the delivery of supplies and services such as food, medical supplies and linens from RUH to CHS.
For a printable update, including pictures and maps of the work underway, click here.

January 2017

Did you know we have poured the equivalent of the weight of 7,300 elephants - 109,180,000 pounds of concrete - so far in building your new hospital? Saskatoon Health Region's Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan Project Director Craig Ayers explains and shows you the unique way we are getting this much concrete to the site in this latest construction video. (YouTube 2 mins)




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