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Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan
Construction - Latest Progress Updates

February 2017

Construction is underway to create important connections between our hospital and its neighbour, Royal University Hospital. Construction of one the main connectors - from 2nd Floor CHS and 4th Floor RUH - is underway and crews will do their best to minimize disruptions. This work is expected to conclude by late February.

Overall, the connections points between the two hospitals look like this:

  •  2nd Floor CHS to 4th Floor RUH  - available primarily to healthcare teams, this will assist in moving supplies back and forth, along with the ability to bring patients to major diagnostic services within RUH such as MRI and PET CT.
  • Ground Floor RUH to Ground Floor CHS - will support healthcare teams in transporting adult emergency patients to Royal University Hospital’s adult operating rooms and the intensive care and coronary care units, along with adult inpatient units.
  • Basement - will support the delivery of supplies and services such as food, medical supplies and linens from RUH to CHS.
For a printable update, including pictures and maps of the work underway, click here.

January 2017

Did you know we have poured the equivalent of the weight of 7,300 elephants - 109,180,000 pounds of concrete - so far in building your new hospital? Saskatoon Health Region's Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan Project Director Craig Ayers explains and shows you the unique way we are getting this much concrete to the site in this latest construction video. (YouTube 2 mins)




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