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Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan
Construction - Progress Updates

January 2017

Did you know we have poured the equivalent of the weight of 7,300 elephants - 109,180,000 pounds of concrete - so far in building your new hospital? Saskatoon Health Region's Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan Project Director Craig Ayers explains and shows you the unique way we are getting this much concrete to the site in this latest construction video. (YouTube 2 mins)

November 2016

November 25, 2016 - Minister of Health Jim Reiter announced today that the construction on Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan is now one-third, or about 33 per cent, complete. He made the announcement after touring the construction site and hearing firsthand about the progress. "Our government believes Saskatchewan families deserve a modern hospital that exemplifies patient-and-family-centred care, and meets unique needs of mothers, babies, children and teens in our province. This maternal and children's hospital will have a long lasting impact to Saskatchewan people for many generations to come," said Minister Reiter.

September 2016

There is a new set of traffic patterns at our site starting that will be in place through to early fall. Both are related to the 1955 Royal University Hospital Tunnel Repairs and our own construction.

Overall, the changes will involve:

  • New CHS construction areas adjacent to roads - CHS crews are working on infrastructure connections this fall. This will involve work starting on Tuesday, September 6, adjacent to the road accessing the 1955 Old Main Entrance. This activity will be done in phases. Access to the entrance will be maintained, however the access point will shift with construction. Please watch for signage.
  • Ellis Hall Main Doors Re-Open - 1955 Tunnel repairs are progressing and the construction zone has shifted in between incoming and outgoing traffic, away from Ellis Hall. The main doors to Ellis Hall have re-opened and thank-you to everyone for their patience during the summer with this disruption. 1955 Tunnel repairs are expected to be completed this fall.
  • Parkade - There will be a new stairwell closure within the parkade on Level P3, on the river side of the parkade.

Please click here for more details.

August 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Statement from Dan Florizone, President and CEO, Saskatoon Health Region

Construction on the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan is resuming today. It was halted nearly three weeks ago after the tragic death of a young worker on the site.

Since that very sad day, inspections and investigations by Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety and Graham Construction have taken place.

Graham continues to undergo a very thorough process to understand what went wrong, and how to ensure it never happens again. They have not only met the requirements set out by the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, but have performed a very detailed internal review, and we are confident that all the right steps have been taken. Graham recognizes that long-term vigilance will be required to make and keep the site safe for everyone every day.​ Read the rest of this statement.

April 2016


April 7, 2016 - Look way up at Royal University Hospital at the large crane in the middle of maternal and children’s hospital construction site and you will see something different.


“The large crane will begin moving construction materials from the laydown area behind the parkade to the construction site by transporting these materials directly overtop the parkade,” explains Craig Ayers, Saskatoon Health Region’s Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS) project director. “After careful planning, engineering and construction, temporary structural steel overhead protection is now in place to allow the contractor to move materials more easily into the site. This will reduce the number of construction vehicles and deliveries that would otherwise need  to cross-over parkade traffic coming into the site, and hopefully, help to ease some of the traffic disruptions people have been experiencing. While there will still be materials and construction traffic coming through the parkade traffic area at the west edge of CHS construction site, going forward, the majority of the construction material delivery will utilize the defined safe path directly above the parkade.”

The structural steel overhead protection sits on the top deck of the parkade and vehicles are able to park underneath the covering. It is a critical component to effectively and safely bring the required construction  materials into the site. Materials coming across the top of the parkade include everything from steel beams, forms and concrete, mechanical and electrical equipment to eventually all materials required for the interior finishings, most anything needed to build the new hospital. Read more here.

March 2016

The construction site was busy over the Easter weekend as crews completed the installation of pilings near the Royal University Hospital parkade vehicle entrance on Hospital Drive. This work meant the parkade entrance had to be closed and traffic re-routed to the entrance located next to the Saskatoon Cancer Centre on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

“We are very thankful for the patience of everyone who used the parkade over the weekend,” said Chris Arnold, Project Lead for Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.

Crews were able to get the entrance to the parkade open early, before 6 p.m. on Easter Monday, a full 12 hours ahead of schedule.

February-March 2016

We have started to build a temporary overhead covering on the top level of the parkade. This will allow for a safe barrier over a portion of the top level of the parkade as we transport materials from the laydown area into the construction site via the large crane. However, construction of this covering will require periodic closing of a few additional parking stalls during this phase of work.

January 2016


Significant road changes have taken place at Royal University Hospital as our construction site expands. These changes include reducing the RUH parkade entrance to a single entrance, relocation of entrance gates to the south side of the Ellis Hall pedway and reduction of three exit gates to two. The level 1 staff and physician parkade entrance has also been permanently closed.


Watch the video above to learn more about the cranes and where an overhead covering on the parkade will be built.

December 2015

December 18, 2015 - Changes are coming to the RUH site related to both our hospital construction and unrelated parkade repairs. Overall, the site will be busy with disruptions in early January.

  • In late December and through to early January, crews will start building a retaining (shoring) wall in order to allow for further excavation of the site next to the parkade roads. This will be followed by the drilling of the remaining 64 pilings for the hospital. The work in early January will result in the permanent closure of Level 1 parkade entrance.
  • Plans are also being finalized on the temporary steel structure which will be built over a portion of Level 5 starting in mid-January. This will result in some Level 5 stalls being temporarily closed as the structure is built. The structure will provide protection to vehicles as materials are brought over the parkade into the site by the large crane.

Read the latest site update which includes maps of roadway changes here.

November 2015

November 17, 2015 - Two months since main building construction began for Saskatchewan's new maternal and children's hospital, two massive cranes are now in place, changing the skyline in Saskatoon.

"The large crane is 72 meters high, which is about 236 feet, and will be in place over the next three years," says Craig Ayers, Saskatoon Health Region's project director for Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan. "It will allow Graham Construction to lift equipment and supplies from the back side of the parkade over controlled travel paths across the parkade itself or drive lanes in order to get those materials into the construction site." To read more on what is happening on the site, read the news release here.

November 2, 2015 - Construction for Saskatchewan's new maternal and children's hospital is resuming later today after additional safety precautions have been put in place.  Read more on what precautions were put in place here.

October 2015


October 29, 2015 - Construction for Saskatchewan's new children and maternal hospital has temporarily been halted as a result of a construction safety event yesterday. At approximately 1 p.m. on Wednesday, the forks of a forklift hit windows on the main floor of Royal University Hospital's same day surgery department. No one was in the immediate area at the time, and no one was hurt. However, our safety officers, along with Saskatoon Health Region's safety officers, immediately arrived at the site, An investigation began and was completed by evening with immediate corrective actions.

Saskatoon Health Region supports the actions currently being put in place. However, construction of the new hospital has been halted.

"Safety is our number one priority," says Dan Florizone, Saskatoon Health Region's President and CEO. "We support the immediate actions that have been taken. We understand mistakes happen and we know this wasn't intentional. But, we also know we could have been within minutes of causing harm to our patients. What we are looking for now is a more comprehensive safety plan to ensure this construction area is safe. Until that plan is completed to our mutual satisfaction, we will not be resuming construction."

Read this construction news release. Watch Health Region President and CEO Dan Florizone and Operations Manager, Duanne Galloway with Graham Construction, address media.

October 19, 2015 - Roadways leading into and out of the site’s parkade will AGAIN change mid-week as construction zones shift. This is the second phase of work required to support rerouting of existing water and sewer lines that will interfere with pilings for the new hospital. Crews are digging up parts of the road leading into and coming out of the Royal University Hospital parkade. It will affect how traffic arrives at and leaves the site.

Click HERE to see the map and the October site construction update.

September 2015


September 17, 2015 - With Phase 2 construction for Saskatchewan’s new maternal and children’s hospital underway, construction activity will result in significant roadway changes at Royal University Hospital starting week of September 21 as we re-route infrastructure systems to support hospital construction. See this map for more information. Read the public service announcement.

September 16, 2015 - Phase 2 construction for Saskatchewan’s new maternal and children’s hospital has begun. Last week, Graham Construction and Engineering LP arrived at the site, which is located next to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, and began mobilization. This involved securing the construction area and setting up the contractor’s site facilities. This week, our site activity increases as contractors begin site excavation which will expose the 240 piles put in earlier this year in order to begin preliminary sub-basement construction. Over the next number of weeks, we will be digging to prepare deep plumbing work and completing some underground utilities work before winter freeze up. Read this news release.

August 2015

August 25, 2015 - Saskatoon Regional Health Authority approved the Award for Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS) Main Building Construction Contract to Graham Construction and Engineering LP, and will enter into a contract in the amount of $214,221,684. Today’s award, which follows the approval of the recommendation from the Ministry of Health, will see phase 2 construction of the maternal and children’s hospital’s begin in September. Hospital opening is scheduled for later 2019. Read more in this news release and backgrounder on the hospital.

July 2015

Evaluation of tender for phase 2 of main building construction continues with pre-qualified bidders providing an extension to the bid acceptance period to late August. The extension was required to allow sufficient time for due diligence to fully complete the tender evaluation and award process. There was an initial aggressive 60-day bid acceptance period. The recent extension allows for a more typical acceptance period for a project of this scale and complexity.

May 2015

If you have been to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon lately, you may have wondered why the construction site for the new maternal and children’s hospital seems quiet. So, if you missed our March and April updates, here’s a recap in this video.

March 2015

Phase 1 piling needed to be completed prior to the start of main building construction. By the end of February, all required 240 Phase 1 piles were in place. The contractor responsible for Phase 1 piling has now cleaned up the site in preparation for the start of main building construction. Phase 2 piling needs to be completed during main building construction and will see an additional 61 piles placed as part of the CHS main building construction. Construction documents for the main building have been released to pre-qualified bidders for tender in February.  

December 2014

There are two phases of piling work with phase 1 required to be complete before main building construction. As of December 22, 153 of 239 phase 1 piles have been completed which is about 64 per cent of our target.

October 2014

October 20, 2014 - The first phase of road work has started with crews removing portions of the meridians on Hospital Drive. In order to have the flexibility to change traffic entrance routes when required later this fall, Saskatoon Health Region is removing the meridians now to allow paving to occur before asphalt plants close for the winter. After CHS construction is completed, these meridians will be put back in place.

October 9, 2014 for more pictures of this work - Two weeks after children, teenagers and families marked the official start of Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan, construction crews have installed 10% of approximately 300 drilled and poured concrete piles for the foundation of the future hospital building. Work will also begin in the next week to make needed temporary roadway changes to support the initial phase of construction.

October 1, 2014 - Construction crews have installed the first of what will be approximately 300 drilled and poured concrete piles. These piles will support the foundation of the future hospital building. The piling work is expected to take about five months with the main building construction to follow in early 2015. Also, Phase 1 of roadway changes will occur in early October. Crews will remove portions of the existing meridians on Hospital Drive and pave these areas to prepare for traffic changes needed to support construction. Read more here.

September 2014

September 25, 2014 - At 10:00am on September 25, history was made as construction on Saskatchewan's new maternal and children's hospital officially began. Keeping with the many hands who have worked for this dream, it was the people of this province who ushered in this next chapter in Saskatchewan's healthcare journey. Children, teenagers and their families, along with the Government of Saskatchewan, took toy shovels to sand and marked the start of construction. To the thousands of families, healthcare providers, leaders and donors, thank-you for helping a dream come true. Click here to watch the groundbreaking (runs 48 mins).

August 2014

August 12, 2014 Cameco Skywalk Demolision at RUH - A Familiar Landmark Falls - For over 25 years, it sheltered thousands of patients and families walking into Royal University Hospital each week. Renamed and renovated in 2010, the Cameco Skywalk has become a familiar landmark for the hospital’s visitors, staff and physicians. Today, the RUH site forever changed as demolition to prepare for Saskatchewan’s new maternal and children’s hospital entered its last phase. Click here for facts on demolition, construction zone information and images of the new RUH hospital entrance.

July 2014

July 9, 2014 - Construction crews have completed 60% of their work related to demolition and excavation at Royal University Hospital. On June 5, crews took the first "bite" out of a portion of the Royal University Hospital parkade where the new maternal and children's hospital will be built. Hospital construction is scheduled to start in September.

July 2, 2014 - End of week 4 and demolition is now 38% complete. The skywalk is starting to vanish. It will come down in its entirety in a week or two.

June 2014


June 5, 2014 - Construction crews took a first bite out of a portion of the Royal University Hospital parkade today as demolition began to prepare for Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS). Saskatoon Health Region is tearing down the portion of the parkade where the new maternal and children's hospital will be built. Click on the image for a video.



June 2, 2014 - A new walk-in entrance into RUH main floor mall from parkade has opened; Cameco Skywalk has closed. A portion of level 3 parkade surrounding Cameco Skywalk has closed for pre-demolition work.
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