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Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Meet your design team - Parents, Partners, Caregivers and Families

The project team knew beyond children and teenagers, parents, caregivers, supportive partners and family members would have tremendous insight on what the new maternal and children’s hospital should be. Since early planning days in 2009, they have played an important role in preparing for our new hospital.


Two groups of patient and family advisors became integral to our design process. First, Saskatoon Health Region’s Maternal and Children’s Health Services Patient and Family Advisory Council had been in place for a number of years. This group advocates for changes that enhance the delivery of high quality compassionate patient and family centred care. The group had great insight on the vision for this new hospital both from a design and operational perspective. Some members even joined the project team on tours of children’s hospitals in Canada and the United States in early planning years.

In early 2011, the CHS project team established the CHS Patient Family Working Group. With members from Saskatoon and southern Saskatchewan, we held monthly meetings with these advisors to talk about important issues to families and how the hospital’s design could address these.

As the design process ramped up, members from both joined the Health Region's design teams which included employees, physicians and leaders. The design teams met regularly with architects and developed their area’s floor plans. Patient and family advisors helped focus the discussions on patient and family needs. They continue to play an important role today as we finalize the interior design concepts for the facility.

Community Design SessionS

In May and June 2012, as we travelled to and worked with students in Stony Rapids, Ile a la Crosse, La Ronge/Air Ronge, Meadow Lake and Kerrobert, we took the opportunity to invite the community to a design session. These sessions started with a brief overview of the project and the hospital. That was then followed by an open discussion where the team captured ideas and comments from participants. While many expected a home-like hospital, what was even more important to participants was how care was going to be delivered and how families could be involved in care. Many had significant hospital experiences with their children or teenagers. Other participants were often local health care providers and community leaders. Their collective feedback helped shape the interior design of the facility, but more importantly, provided Saskatoon Health Region with ideas on how to enhance care within the new hospital, especially for families who have to travel to Saskatoon for care..

Newcomer Design Session

“Saskatchewan has people from over 180 different countries settling in 325 communities.”

With that in mind, we wanted to ensure the look and feel of this new hospital was welcoming to our growing newcomer population. In June 14, 2120, the team held a session with a group of newcomers and talked specifically about their design concerns and ideas.  

Design Surveys

In order to reach out provincially for feedback, we knew we needed to go beyond in-person design sessions. At the same time, we wanted to make sure we were gathering input that would actually influence design. Three internet-based surveys were created and distributed between April and July 2012 and were made available on the hospital’s website.

Survey links were promoted through email to multiple points of contacts including FSIN, MN-S, Children’s Hospital Foundation and Immigration Community Resource Coordinator with City of Saskatoon. Finally, we handed out paper versions of each survey to pediatric and maternal areas in Royal University Hospital to capture the opinions of provincial patients and families currently in hospital and made the interior design surveys available during the Saskatoon Open House.

  • Lobby Survey – April 2012 - We wanted input on what services the lobby area should have and how it should be laid out. We had over 400 surveys completed with respondents from across Saskatchewan. The results helped guide the team of patients and families who were working on the lobby’s floor plan and design.
  • Maternal Interior Design Survey – July 2012 - About 300 people from across Saskatchewan, with over 70% having had a baby at Royal University Hospital, gave their opinion on interior design elements on the maternal floor
  • NICU Interior Design Survey – July 2012 - About 300 people from across Saskatchewan, with about 32% of respondents having had a baby in RUH’s NICU and another portion with experience in other NICU’s, gave their opinion on interior design elements for NICU.
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