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Interior Design

Land of the living sky

"It really has to do with the province of Saskatchewan, its natural beauty and the regions of your province."

Anita Rossen, lead interior designer, ZGF - working with HDH architects in Saskatoon

Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Pictures and Plans - Interior Design

"Home" drives interior design

The voices of hundreds of families from across Saskatchewan shaped the interior design. Through classroom-based design sessions, input from current pediatric patients at Royal University Hospital and mail-in ideas from schools across the province, our design team received hundreds of patient room layouts, collages and packing lists, along with clear direction on favourite colours, images, shapes and animals from children aged five to 18.

Each drawing and idea considered...

Our designers and architects will tell you they were inspired and amazed by what they saw and heard. Looking at each submission, they saw the personality of Saskatchewan children and teenagers shine through. The one main theme, the hospital needed to feel like home, no matter where home was.

Combine that with local and international expertise in designing children's hospitals...

Our team is one of Saskatchewan's leading architectural firms Henry Downing Architects and they are working with experts in designing children's hospitals (from exterior to interior, from colours to furniture). How good are they? See for yourself and click here.

A beautiful facility inspired by our beautiful province...

Each floor has Saskatchewan-inspired themes. The graphics and images have been chosen to bring regions within our province to life.  The goal is to make children, teenagers, pregnant women and mothers, along with their families, feel at home. Our expert designers are finalizing the interior with further input from a team. This team includes patients, families, Saskatoon Health Region employees and physicians, along with staff from our Children's Hospital Foundation. Read how by clicking here

Take a peek at the themes and some early drawings. (Click on each image below OR click HERE to see all the drawings at once..)

(Children's Emergency, Adult Emergency and Children's Surgery)

(Entrance, Lobby and Children's Outpatient Clinic)

Children's Inpatient Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU) and Observation Unit

Maternal Services

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


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