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Parkridge Centre (PRC)
Programs, Services and Supports - Onsite Services


The Parkridge Centre Administration department is here to provide valuable, supportive direction and knowledgeable service to all residents, clients, visitors, families and fellow co-workers.

Business Office

Located on the 2nd floor just off of the main elevators, the business office supports residents​, clients, families and staff with business and finance supports. The business office is open Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.-4:00p.m. (closed on all statutory holidays).

​Health Records

Health Records.jpgThe purpose of the Parkridge Centre Health Records department is to maintain the confidentiality and security of health information, and to provide accurate, comprehensive health information to residents, clients, families, health care providers, and decision makers in accordance with institutional, professional, and governmental regulations.

The Health Records Department within Parkridge Centre:

  • oversees the collection, storage, retention and destruction of health records;
  • monitors access to health records while representing residents' interests regarding privacy, security and confidentiality;
  • electronically registers all residents and client;
  • conducts routine audits;
  • compiles statistical reports;
  • balances resident caseloads with medical staff;
  • coordinates resident care conferences for the interdisciplinary team;
  • provides Notary Public services.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmaceutical services at Parkridge Centre include direct resident and client care services as well as the provision of medications.

pharmacy 1.png

Parkridge Centre has a part time pharmacist on site to provide pharmaceutical care for the residents within long term care and for the clients within the Geriatric Re-enablement Unit (GRU). The goal of pharmaceutical care is to provide safe and effective drug therapy to achieve optimum therapeutic outcomes. Pharmacist activities include but are not limited to medication reviews, medication histories, and drug information for residents, clients, staff and families. Our Pharmacist also participates in multidisciplinary rounds including Long Term Care and GRU conferences.

Medications are provided by a retail pharmacy that has a contract with the Saskatoon Health Region. Earl's Pharmacy provides exceptional service and care to the residents and clients of Parkridge Centre. To ensure the highest standards of safety, medications are provided in a one day at a time method which supports the nursing staff with safe, efficient packaging for clear and concise administration. The Earl's Pharmacy pharmacists are readily available by phone to answer medication related questions for residents, families and staff. ​

​Staff Development

staff development.jpg

Staff development empowers staff to deliver safe and compassionate care while giving the residents the ability to make informed choices. ​Staff development provides supports that align with the services within Seniors Health and Continuing Care. The staff development team provides supports in the following areas:

  • PRC Staff Orientation
  • TLR, PART, Ventilation Management and Safety for Supervisors training & education
  • Specialized nursing skills "Education in Place"
  • MDS Tracking and education
  • Implementation of the Annual Review Fair (ARF) for all PRC staff
  • Development and implementation of protocols, self-learning and e-learning modules
  • Development, implementation and management of Saskatoon Health Region projects and initiatives
  • Development and Management of PRC Pilot projects
  • PRC Wound Care Team Co-coordination
  • Management of resident immunization(s)
  • Saskatoon Health Region Nursing Practice and Clinical Nurse Educator committee representation
  • Nursing Student Coordination

​Manager of Staff DevelopmentQuality and Community Educators Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sheri Townsend, RN
Joan Pottinger, RN
Joyce Suchan, RN
Nicole Kindrachuk, RN
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