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Parkridge Centre (PRC)
Programs, Services and Supports - Interprofessional Practice

Clinical Dietician

The Clinical Dieticians role is to develop​ client and resident-directed nutrition care plans and provide nutrition education, thereby improving residents and clients health and quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

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Life is made up of meaningful every day tasks, activities and occupations. When we can't participate in theses everyday activities due to injury, illness or disability, Occupational Therapists help us to find solutions to bring back the meaningful everyday activities of life.

Occupational Therapy also helps prevent disability and illness while it enhances the way we participate in our communities and lives. Occupational Therapy helps us get back to the occupation of living.

Within Parkridge Centre, Occupational Therapy provides residents and clients with opportunities to improve the quality of their lives through enhanced independence and participation in meaningful activities of daily living within their chosen environment. The Occupational Therapy department is open Monday- Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Physical Therapy

​​The Physical Therapy department is staffed with both Physiotherapists (PT) and Physiotherapist Assistants (PTA). The purpose of Physi​cal Therapy is to promote and maintain independence, providing therapeutic services to maximize function and help the residents and clients to live meaningful lives. The Physical Therapy department is open Monday-Friday 8a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Respiratory Therapy

Parkridge Centre is supported by an in-house Respiratory Therapist. The Community Respiratory Therapist is responsible for:

  • respiratory care of Parkridge residents who have tracheostomies and/or use mechanical ventilators to breathe
  • respiratory care to all other residents on an as needed basis
  • support during medical emergencies
  • outpatient testing and home visits for community patients​

Social Work

Social Work provides support to resident, clients and families for improvement of quality of life, social and emotional well-being. We work within a person-centered approach, advocating for clients autonomy and choices. As part multidisciplinary team, PRC social workers assist with admissions and discharges, facilitate family meetings, connect residents to internal and external resources, and provide staff support to the Residents' Association. Additionally, PRC social workers seek to maximize resident health, happiness and dignity by providing practical help and guidance to residents and their families. Presently there are four social workers at Parkridge Centre working in both full-time and part-time capacities.

Speech Language Pathology

Speech Language Pathology provides services to residents and clients to optimize their communication, language and swallowing abilities in order to improve their quality of life.

Our Speech Language Pathologist works with individuals of all ages, from pediatrics through geriatrics, who are in need of assessment or treatment services in the areas of swallowing and communication. These needs may be through changes in their abilities resulting from an illness, an accidents, a developmental problem or the aging process.

Therapeutic Recreation Services

The Therapeutic Recreation Services department is comprised of a team of dedicated Recreation Therapists and Recreation Coordinators who provide services that improves the awareness of leisure, community leisure resources and leisure supports. Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS) department supports and maintains the goals of assisting residents and clients to maximize independence​ in leisure, optimal health and highest possible quality of life.

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