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Parkridge Centre (PRC)
Programs, Services and Supports - Our Support Services

Food and Nutrition Services

cafeteria.jpgThe Parkridge Centre Cafeteria is located on the ground floor (basement) and is open daily 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 4:00p.m.-5:30p.m. A full service menu including hot meals, soup, sandwiches and salads provide many healthy choices; seasonal specials are hosted through out the year and include holiday features or event specials.

As a team, the Food and Nutrition Services Department strives to provide a variety of nutritious meals and nourishments to our residents, clients, families, staff, Meals on Wheels clients and Community Day Program clients in our Parkridge Centre Community.

Parkridge Centre Food & Nutrition Services provides the following services to our residents, clients, resident family members and visitors, staff and the community:

  • Nutritious, homemade meals and snacks are prepared fresh daily on site for our residents and the retail customers.
  • Hot and nutritious meals are prepared for the Meals on Wheels program that supports individuals living within the community.
  • Hot, col and snack vending machines are located within the cafeteria area on the ground level.
  • The Dietitians provide a continuum of nutrition care services including screening, assessment, education and counselling.
  • Educational practicums are provided for Nutrition Students from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan and Food and Nutrition Management students from Saskatchewan Polytechnic.​

​Facilities Management

The facilities management team provides maintenance of the buildings, infrastructure of the buildings and the clinical engineering within Parkridge Centre. ​


We are an equal member of the health-care team, working with our colleagues to provide a clean, safe and positive patient and client experience. Saskatoon Health Region's team of housekeepers are charged with keeping our facilities clean and our environments healthy for patients, residents, visitors and employees. We are responsible for the prevention of infections and the spread of illness through our cleaning practices. We are responsible for the efficient flow of patients through the prompt cleaning of resident and client rooms after they are discharged. We are responsible for making residents, clients, families and visitors feel welcome; and for working with other health-care providers as a team to ensure the safety and well-being of the people in our care

Security Services

Security services desk.jpgThe Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) Security Services department provides supports within Parkridge Centre. The security services desk is located directly through the front doors on the main floor of Parkridge Centre. SHR Security Officers are trained to provide on site supports with regards to fire, medical emergencies, disturbances and criminal offences. Although the duties of a security officer are very similar to those of the police, they are not police officers. Any matter involving criminal activity is forwarded to the Saskatoon City Police Department.

The Emergency Call number within Parkridge Centre is 9-1-1

When calling from an internal phone line you are required to dial 9-9-1-1

Calling this number will generate an immediate emergency response

Please call security services and report suspicious persons, disturbances and other incidents you believe we should be aware of at the time of the occurrence​.

The on duty Security Officer can be reached at Parkridge Centre by calling 306-281-3158

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is a department of 297 employees who function to support patient, resident and client care within the Saskatoon Health Region through purchasing, inventory, processing, laundry, standardization, mail room and distribution. Our goal is to provide products, supplies, and services to all areas in the health region. We are vigilant about:

  • Getting the best price on goods, equipment and services;
  • Supplying quality goods with input from end-users;
  • Standardizing equipment and product throughout the region;
  • Having steady supply of inventory to satisfy all needs;
  • Providing clean linen to all residents and clients;
  • Getting product to the end-users, anticipating their needs;
  • Continuing high standards in sterile processing to keep our operating rooms running.

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