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Parkridge Centre (PRC)
Programs, Serivces and Supports - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Under the guidance of the department of Seniors' Health and Continuing Care​, Parkridge Centre supports the delivery of compassionate care and services within the community of Parkridge Centre.   

​How do I access services at Parkridge Centre?

All arrangements to move to long term care homes or to access services provided in long term care homes are made through Client patient Access Services (CPAS) in the Saskatoon area and through a Home Care Client Coordinator in the rural areas.  CPAS and the Long Term Care Placement Team work with long term care homes to ensure that those with the greatest need are placed in homes appropriately.

What are the guidelines for accessing long term care?

Program Guidelines for Special-care Homes (Ministry of Health) Accessing Long Term Care​

What is Resident Directed Care?

Resident directed care places maximum possible decision making into the hands of the residents.  This means that residents direct their own care.  Relationships and choice are of greatest value.  Resident directed care occurs when care team members encourage independence and support residents to participate in decisions affecting their environment; their home.

It is also recognized that not all residents are capable of communicating their needs as they have in the past.  Care providers commit to know each resident and will respect their individuality.  This means connecting with residents on an emotional level and honoring their choices.  In an effort to know and understand residents and their unique needs as much as possible, care providers may connect with family, friends and other care providers.

Individuals who call Parkridge Centre home range in age from children to the elderly.  Care and services are planned and provided according to the needs of the individual.  In addition to residential care, Parkridge Centre provides other services including:

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