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Parkridge Centre (PRC)
About PRC - The Quality of Life Development Program

​The Quality of Life Development Program was launched in order to secure financial supports which focus on four priority need areas - Parkridge Center's six neighborhoods, the Atrium, Green spaces and Quality of Life enhancement opportunities.

Corporate and community partners are vital to our Quality of Life Development Program. Donor support lets us provide continuing care in a comfortable, modern facility while their presences and leadership sets the standard for others in the community.

Our Donor Recognition Program gives us a chance to thank our supporters and at the same time encourage contributions from other groups and businesses.

Every level of Donor Recognition has unique advantages. Donors from the bronze level and up will have their names permanently inscribed on the donor wall at Parkridge Centre. on plaques that are a beautiful and stately reminder of the corporate and community support. Upper level donors are eligible for exclusive naming rights to definable areas within Parkridge Centre. Along with our six neighborhoods, the community garden space and the PRC green spaces, exclusive naming opportunities exist for:

  • Library
  • Beauty Salon
  • Resident Computer Room
  • PRC Classroom
  • Sensory Room
  • Boardroom
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Community Day Program
  • Therapeutic Pool
  • Greenhouse
  • Chapel

Parkridge Centre donors have an unique opportunity​ to stake their presence in a thriving community. Parkridge Centre has long been the flagship of the community and, going forward, it will continue to be a highly recognizable link to the vibrant Parkridge Community.

There are five levels of Donor Recognition:

$15,000 Plus

We firmly believe in extending our well-earned reputation for dedication, professionalism and caring into our relationships with corporate and community partners. We listen to our partners and ensure their contributions are met with the respect and appreciation they deserve, while upholding the dignity of residents who call Parkridge Centre home.

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