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Parkridge Centre (PRC)
About PRC - Our Unique Neighborhoods

​The MOSAIC Model

The MOSAIC Model involves having people with similar capabilities living in neighborhoods within Parkridge Centre where supports are focused on their particular interests and needs. There are six (6) neighborhoods located off of the main atrium within Parkridge Centre.

Unique Neighborhoods

Core to each Parkridge Centre neighborhood is a dinning area, living room area, activity space and the communication center. The residents living in each neighborhood often have varying needs, which means the space they live in must be designed to support their unique and varying needs. Resident rooms are single occupancy and allow the ability for the resident to personalize the space to ensure comfort. Parkridge staff are committed to providing optimum quality services in helping the residents live life to the fullest along life’s journey.

The People in our Neighborhoods

residents workingThe care required by our residents today is more complex than ever. The ever-changing needs, require us to adapt to change readily and to provide a high level of compassionate care.

Parkridge Centre is unique as our resident base includes a diverse population who range in age from 8 years old to over 100 years of age. The average age of our residents is currently 52 years of age due in part to our pediatric resident population. Within Parkridge Centre the unique needs of our pediatric residents are supported through focused programming, individualized supports and medical care. Our resident population is a mosaic of individuals with varying levels of medical, physical, emotional, cognitive or developmental care requirements.

As a home environment designed for people with complex care needs, Parkridge Centre provides care and services to a wide range of individuals including:

  • Residents who are ventilator dependent or whom are limited in their ability to breath independently
  • Residents and clients with mental health diagnosis
  • Residents with brain injuries who have either experienced a traumatic brain injury or a have been affected by a neurological disorder
  • Residents living with Alzheimer's or dementia

Short Term Guests in Our Home

July music concert.jpgOur short stay programs include the Geriatric ReEnablement Program with twenty (20) beds for individuals that are aged 65 and over, needing short term rehabilitation and whom are under the care of a geriatric physician. The 4C Program is a restorative program for those with multidimensional health care needs whom require less intense, extended rehabilitation. A total of four (4) respite beds are available for short-stay planned respite admissions and unplanned respite admissions. ​

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