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in motion
In Motion
What does it mean to be in motion?

Being "in motion" means:

  • Being regularly physically active
  • Moving instead of sitting
  • Walking or biking instead of driving
  • Playing outside instead of watching TV inside
  • Active recess instead of no recess at all
  • Fewer health care dollars spent on chronic diseases
  • Higher academic achievement for students
  • More productivity for workers
  • Our minds and bodies are the best they can be

in motion is a health promotion strategy that encourages everyone within the Saskatoon Health Region to make physical activity a part of his or her daily lives.  The purpose of in motion is to influence the culture of our community to make physical activity where you live, work, learn and play the easy choice for all ages.  Our network of community ambassadores, workplace and school champions and enthusiastic leaders help make health enhancing physical activity easy to do and hard to avoid.

Together with regional partners in motion staff make Saskatoon and region the healthiest community in Canada.

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