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Aug 14
Saskatoon Health Region welcomes new doctor to Wadena

Saskatoon Health Region is pleased to welcome Dr. Alfaour Bani Alabbas Alhussein to Wadena where he is already working in the hospital and the community clinic. Dr. Hussein arrived July 2, 2015 and joins Dr. Mosenza Kiapway and Dr. Yabondo Mukendi who are already practicing in Wadena.  

Dr. Hussein replaces Dr. Boktor who finished working in Wadena on June 30, 2015. Dr. Boktor and his family spent two years in Wadena. 

"We wanted to make sure that with Dr. Boktor relocating to Ottawa that we would be able to find a new doctor as quickly as possible," says Sheila Achilles, director Primary Health Care Saskatoon Health Region. "Having Dr. Hussein arrive within days of Dr. Boktor leaving means the community hasn't had to worry about having a doctor available."  

Dr. Hussein had been practicing in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates before moving to Wadena. He is married with a young son and his family is now adjusting to life in Wadena. 

"The past month has been very busy for my family and for me relocating to Canada and moving to Wadena," says Dr. Hussein. "We are enjoying getting to know our neighbours and everyone has made us feel like we are part of the community." 

Dr. Hussein has completed the required Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) training.   

For more information see SIPPA's website.  

With the Wadena Primary Health Clinic now using electronic medical records, this will make it easier for Dr. Hussein to work with patients and have their complete medical history at his fingertips.  

Residents are encouraged to book their medical appointments at the Wadena Primary Health Clinic rather than attending the emergency department for routine medical care. Residents are also encouraged to use the provincial HealthLine at 1-877-800-0002 for expert medical advice 24/7.



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