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Nov 15
Saskatoon City Hospital Under Boil Water Order, Surgeries Cancelled

Late yesterday, November 14, Saskatoon City Hospital experienced water quality issues in the building and was immediately put under a boil water order. A boil water order means NO tap water is to be consumed within the building. Water quality testing is in process and results are expected soon. Emergency water supplies, including bottled water, have been distributed to all units and departments for patients and staff.

“At this point, we do not know what caused the water quality issue,” explains Dr. Johnmark Opondo. “We have taken all the necessary safety precautions to protect our patients and our staff while we await the results of the water quality testing.”

Patients and families should be assured that all precautions are being observed during this boil water order to ensure onsite safety. Bottled water is available for drinking and food is also being prepared using bottled water. The order does not affect toilet use or hand washing.

Saskatoon City Hospital remains open for all non-invasive procedures and appointments including the emergency department. However, the boil water order has resulted in 39 surgeries being postponed that were scheduled for today, including day surgeries. Additional procedures including endoscopies have also postponed until further notice. The Region continues to call affected patients to let them know of postponed procedures, however, contact numbers for some patients are not available. If you have a procedure booked today at Saskatoon City Hospital and are unsure if it is proceeding, you should call 306-655-0250 to confirm. A decision on whether tomorrow’s scheduled surgeries will proceed will be made later today.

Thank you to our patients and staff for their understanding and patience during this challenging situation.


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