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Jan 08
Royal University Hospital parkade remains open

Saskatoon – Royal University Hospital’s parkade is open and available for parking. However, as site preparation continues for the eventual construction of Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, sections of the parkade will be progressively and permanently closed. These sections will eventually be demolished and the hospital will be built at this location.

Previously, Saskatoon Health Region closed other unrelated sections on the bottom three levels of the parkade as a precautionary measure in May 2013 for testing and analysis as a result of inspections related to site preparation construction.

“The test results came back in October 2013 and showed there were issues related to the cable structure in some parts of the parkade and those are the sections we had closed as a precautionary measure,” says Kavia. “We will continue to keep these areas closed as we work through what our options might be to address the issue. We know this closure was unexpected and had reduced the total number of stalls available. We hope to have more information regarding solutions in the coming months.”

In the interim, site preparations for the new hospital continue. The majority of Saskatoon Health Region employees who typically park on the first level of the parkade, and all those who park on the second level of the parkade, are in the process of being relocated to levels 4 and 5. The move is necessary to ensure patients and their families have access to convenient parking as construction crews begin to take over sections of the parkade for site preparation.

“While fewer parking stalls than expected will be available as we prepare for construction of the new hospital, Saskatoon Health Region is making every effort to first accommodate the parking needs of patients, their families and visitors and we appreciate the co-operation of employees and physicians in this regard,” says Kavia. “Once the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan is complete, we expect to have more parking available for patients and visitors than we did at the onset of the project. We will also have solutions in place for the other sections that are currently closed.”

As site preparation construction progresses, parkade levels will be designated as follows:

  • Level 1 remains employee and physician parking.
  • Level 2 will become dedicated public parking in late January and early February to improve elevator access.
  • Level 3 remains public parking.
  • Levels 4 and 5 are both public and employee/physician parking. These levels do not have elevator access.

“We understand there are and will continue to be inconvenience and frustration for those using the parkade,” says Kavia. “We appreciate everyone’s patience and ask everyone to give themselves additional time to find parking when coming to this site.”

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