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Nov 27
Saskatoon Regional Health Authority hires new President and CEO

(Saskatoon) - Saskatoon Regional Health Authority (SRHA) is pleased to announce the hiring of Dan Florizone as Saskatoon Health Region’s new President and CEO. Currently serving as Saskatchewan’s Deputy Education Minister and Deputy Minister Responsible for Lean, Florizone will assume his new position on January 5, 2015.

Dan Florizone and Jim Rhode
Dan Florizone (left), Saskatoon Health Region’s new President and CEO addresses media with with Saskatoon Regional Health Authority Board Chair Jim Rhode

“We knew when looking at potential candidates that we need someone who has the passion and proven commitment to patient and family-centred care and safety, who has experience in leadership roles within healthcare administration, and just as importantly, who has significant knowledge in a Lean-based management system so we can continue to move forward with sustainable, transformational change,” says Jim Rhode, Saskatoon Regional Health Authority’s board chair. “Saskatchewan has a wealth of expertise and talent, and through the interview process, it became clear that Mr. Florizone was a strong candidate for this role.”

Saskatoon Regional Health Authority’s succession planning for the President and CEO position began five years ago. This involved developing a list of potential candidates with input from the current President and CEO. The succession plan has continued to evolve as candidates grew in their leadership skills. At the end of October, the SRHA reviewed this plan and approached those internal and external candidates who it felt were ready for the role.

Throughout November, an interview panel made up of SRHA board members, College of Medicine (University of Saskatchewan) representative, members of the Health Region’s senior leadership team, a physician leader, and a patient and family representative, interviewed and evaluated applicants. Saskatoon Regional Health Authority then took this information for further evaluation and decided to make an offer to one of the candidates: Mr. Florizone.

“We wanted to ensure that we had strong, long-term leadership in place during this next year of transition with Lean and on-going operational planning for Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan,” says Rhode. “We know with Mr. Florizone’s leadership through Patient First and his commitment to Lean, he will be dedicated to the system-wide transformation that is taking place within health care across our province and he will be a strong champion for our patients, clients, residents, their families and our Region’s healthcare providers.”

Dan Florizone
Saskatoon Health Region’s new President and CEO Dan Florizone

“Saskatchewan is my home. I believe our province is once again revolutionizing the way health care is delivered and I am so pleased to be offered the opportunity to be at the forefront of this transformational change alongside patients, residents, clients and their families and our healthcare teams,” says Saskatoon Health Region’s incoming President and CEO Dan Florizone. "I know there are opportunities, successes and challenges throughout the Region. I plan to visit every site and to meet with patients, residents, clients, families, care providers and leaders. I want to hear, from their perspective, on where we are at today, review their progress and talk about their vision for the future. This will drive my priorities as CEO.”

From December 1, 2014 to January 4, 2015, Jackie Mann, Vice President of Integrated Health Services, will be the Region’s interim President and CEO.


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