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Jul 29
Public Service Announcement: Public cautioned to avoid water activities at Humboldt ("Stoney") Lake
Saskatoon - Health Region officials are warning the public to avoid swimming, playing and engaging in other activities (e.g., water skiing) in the water at Humboldt Lake (also known as Stoney Lake), due to the potential for exposure to harmful bacteria that can be present in raw sewage. The lake is about four kilometres south of Humboldt. Following heavy rains in the area, the sewage treatment plant in Humboldt had to discharge untreated sewage into drains that empty into Humboldt Lake.
“We are warning the public not to use the water for recreational purposes where they come into contact with the water and to not consume the water at this lake,” says Saskatoon Health Region Deputy Medical Health Officer Dr. Michael Schwandt. “Swallowing water contaminated with these types of harmful bacteria can cause illness, including stomach upset and diarrhea.”
Health region officials are currently taking water samples at the lake and the advisory will remain in effect until the water quality is considered to be safe. Signs are being posted at public beaches cautioning the public to avoid the water in this area. Saskatoon Health Region will continue to monitor the water at Humboldt (Stoney) Lake. The rural municipality of Humboldt has been notified.
People who experience adverse health effects (such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea or stomach cramps) after recreational water activity should consult a medical professional. Those who have health-related questions about water quality can call HealthLine 811 or contact Saskatoon Health Region.


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