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May 18
Dan Florizone resumes role as President and CEO

Saskatoon Regional Health Authority (SRHA) board chair Mike Stensrud announced today that Dan Florizone, Saskatoon Health Region's President and CEO, resumes his role of President and CEO of Saskatoon Health Region effective Wednesday, May 18, after being away for health reasons.

Dan Florizone"I'd like to thank Andrew for his leadership during the past five months. He has done an exceptional job continuing to guide the organization and continue us down the path of sustainability," said Stensrud.

Stensrud continued, "We know it was a significant commitment for Andrew to balance his work demands here while still serving as President and CEO of 3sHealth and we thank everyone at 3sHealth for assisting Andrew and your collaboration with us."

Florizone indicated he is feeling great and has a clean bill of health. "I want to thank you everyone for the tremendous support over the past number of months and truly appreciate every word of encouragement and good wishes," says Florizone. "I would also like to thank Andrew for his leadership during this period to allow me the time I needed and for moving forward important work for our Region.



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