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Visual Identity Guidelines
Department Identifiers

​Department identifiers help maintain consistency of brand

No department, portfolio, care group, service or unit of Saskatoon Health Region (excluding St. Paul’s Hospital, as per the partnership agreement) should develop or use a separate logo to represent their service.

Departments and portfolios will be provided consistent visual identifiers upon request, as demonstrated below,
which will allow the department or portfolio to visually identify themselves on materials.

There are two potential identifiers that may be provided to the requesting department or portfolio:

  • A visual identifier stating the name of the department or portfolio (i.e. Primary Health)

  • A visual identifier stating the name of the program or initiative (i.e. Midwifery Services) as its first and primary line, with a second line stating the name of the related department or portfolio (i.e. Primary Health).

Department identifiers are recommended for materials such as posters or reports produced by your department, but should not be used instead of the Region logo on stationery, brochures or websites, where a unified Region identity is recommended.

There are several other effective ways to build a departmental or program identity other than a logo:

  • Strong and consistent language and messaging
  • Use of a colour or set of colours from the palettes
  • Custom or stock photography used consistently throughout materials
  • Professionally designed titles and headings

Unique program-based logos

Decisions to permit unique program, project or initiative logos or identifiers (for example, as provided for in motion or LiveWell, must be approved by Communications and may be based on the following considerations:

  • Scope and size of project and audience
  • Relevance to health and health care services
  • Purpose of logo or visual identifier
  • Current and future goals of program, project or initiative
  • Partnership opportunities and restrictions
  • Funding opportunities and restrictions

LiveWell was approved several years ago and will be grandfathered through as a unique program that reaches
into communities beyond Saskatoon Health Region. LiveWell should appear with no space between words and
without the trademark (™) symbol.


Correct: LiveWell
Incorrect: Live Well, Live Well™, LiveWell™

Other existing program identities may also be grandfathered in. Please contact Communications to discuss.

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