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Visual Identity Guidelines
Logo Use

Acceptable Applications of the Logo

It is important to use the logo correctly to ensure a consistent, ongoing, and reliable image identifier for Saskatoon Health Region.

If it is not possible to use the logo on your product (i.e. a pen or other item that is too small), the words ‘Saskatoon Health Region’ should be used, in Century Gothic font.

The graphic symbol or logo can be used on its own as a graphic device. It can be used as a watermark
(appearing slightly darker than the paper it’s printed on) and in a positive (solid on white or light background)
or negative (white on a solid or dark background) form. The symbol should be light enough so
that it doesn’t interfere with text running on top of it. While the entire graphic may be scaled up or down in size,
do not use or change any single component of this graphic on its own. It must always be used and resized in its
entirety and proportionally.

Clear Zone

To ensure our logo stands out clearly when used with or without the vision statement, it should always be framed within an area of unobstructed space. This space must be the height of the ‘H’ in the word “Health” in the logo, as shown in the diagram. This applies to placement of the logo relative to the edge of a page, sign, TV screen, advertising items, merchandise, etc. It is unacceptable to have any part of the logo adjacent or overtop any other text or graphic element.

Minimum Size

Minimum size restrictions ensure that our logo is always clearly legible. Minimum height for the Saskatoon Health Region logo should measure no less than 20 mm (.7874 inches). Minimum width for the logo is 22 mm (.8718 inches).

When reproducing the logo using four colour process, special consideration should be given to print registration. A larger size may be necessary in these instances.

The logo should not be printed in any colours other than the ones specified here. Do not print the logo on a colour that does not permit enough contrast between the logo and the background.

* For print production please consult Communications, a qualified graphic designer or a printer, who can consult a Pantone Book for true colour.

Logo Placement

A variety of logo placement is acceptable, based on the type of document and the other graphic or textual elements on the page. To ensure the logo is prominent and recognizable, please use the following guidelines when placing a logo on your document. Where possible, use the templates produced by Saskatoon Health Region.

Cover of a booklet related to the Region’s strategic directions or valuestop right or left
Posterbottom right, left or centre
Stationerytop left
Brochure coverbottom centre
Brochure back covertop centre

The DOs and DON'Ts of logo placement

DO place the logo in an area that has little or no detail and which allows enough contrast.
DO use a reverse white logo in order to create enough contrast against a dark background
DO NOT place the logo on a complex background such as a busy photo or illustration.

Treatment of logo

To ensure a consistent brand, please do not use the logo in the following ways:

​Do not create outlines around the logo to create contrast.
​Do not use logo elements for any other purpose.
​Do not place the logo on a background that does not contain enough contrast.
​Do not skew, stretch or compress the logo.
​Never tilt or rotate the logo.
​Never duplicate the graphic to create wallpaper.
​Do not place a box or other shape around the logo.

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