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Visual Identity Guidelines

Logo a form of corporate expression

The Saskatoon Health Region logo is a straightforward and simple logo that clearly identifies the name of the organization and expresses through its visual elements a sense of flow, linkages, wholeness and unity. The logo is an immediate reminder of the Region’s vision, mission, values and overarching brand.

The colours are strong and vibrant reflecting the bold and confident communities the organization serves.

The logo must be used on all Saskatoon Health Region materials:

  • Printed, audiovisual, electronic and other materials including documents, forms, e-mail, memos, reports and letters.
  • Advertising by the Region or in conjunction with a partner or affiliate.
  • News media information such as news releases, media advisories, public service announcements, backgrounders and correspondence.
  • Signs, buildings and display materials.
  • Vehicles, equipment and clothing as appropriate.
  • Awards, plaques, certificates and printed programs as appropriate.
  • Pins, promotional items and gifts as appropriate.
  • Any other product representing Saskatoon Health Region and its many departments, programs, units and initiatives.

It is important to use the logo correctly to ensure a consistent, ongoing, and reliable image identifier for Saskatoon Health Region.

If it is not possible to use the logo on your product (ie. a pen or other item that is too small), the words ‘Saskatoon Health Region’ should be used, in Century Gothic font.

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