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Visual Identity Guidelines
St. Paul's Hospital

Partnership agreement

St. Paul’s Hospital has a unique affiliate relationship with Saskatoon Health Region and a specific agreement regarding communication and visual identity for St. Paul’s-managed programs and services:

  • Chronic Disease Management;
  • Diagnostic Imaging;
  • Emergency Services;
  • Ethics Services;
  • Laboratory Services;
  • Mental Health and Addiction Services;
  • Palliative Care Services;
  • Renal Services;
  • Spiritual Care Services.


  1. Guidelines for visual identity will reflect the terms and spirit of the Partnership Agreement between Saskatoon Health Region and St. Paul’s Hospital.
  2. Saskatoon Health Region and St. Paul’s Hospital will use a variety of mechanisms to maintain their own visual identity and brand, consistent with their missions.
  3. Efforts will be made to avoid confusion for the public arising from the use of visual identity for St. Paul’s Hospital and Saskatoon Health Region.
  4. There will be consistent application of these visual identity guidelines. If issues or confusion arise related to visual identity, they will be jointly resolved by the CEOs of the Saskatoon Health Region and St. Paul’s Hospital.


  1. St. Paul’s Hospital signage will be used on St. Paul’s Hospital-owned properties. Signage on these sites will also represent the Saskatoon Health Region, reflecting the Partnership.
  2. Patient care material (e.g. test requisition forms, patient education brochures, etc.) will include only the Saskatoon Health Region visual identity.
  3. For matters specifically related to the St. Paul’s Hospital mission, St. Paul’s Hospital visual identity will be used.
  4. For correspondence related to St. Paul’s Hospital managed care groups, correspondence will use Saskatoon Health Region letterhead with the following footer to reflect the shared governance for these care groups:
    "Saskatoon Health Region works with St. Paul’s Hospital in a governance and management relationship
    in the delivery of services and programs.”
    For all other correspondence (other than St. Paul’s Hospital mission-related matters), Saskatoon Health Region visual identity will be used.
  5. For matters specifically related to the public reputation of St. Paul’s Hospital, the St. Paul’s Hospital CEO will be consulted and involved as appropriate in internal and external communications. The St. Paul’s Hospital CEO and Saskatoon Health Region CEO will confer as needed regarding use of St. Paul’s Hospital visual identity in these communications.
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