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Client and Family Centred Care
Patient and Family Advisor Information

​Becoming an Advisor

We are looking for individuals who have received care or who have supported a family member through care within the past two years who are:

  • Willing to share insights about care experience in ways others can learn from
  • Committed and believe that their investment will make a difference
  • Respectful of the perspective of others and able to work in partnership with others

Steps to Become a Patient and Family Advisor

  Patient and Family Advisor Guide   (detailed steps)

​Register OnlineSubmit DocumentsAttend OrientationStart Advising

​Complete the online registration form to let us know you are interested in attending the orientation.

You will then receive an Orientation Package in the mail.

​Required documents include:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Media Release
  • SIN Information (for tax purposes)
  • Direct Deposit (optional)

​Orientation are to provide information on:

  • Core concepts of CFCC
  • Opportunities to advise
  • How the patient voice is making a difference

​Receive and apply for advising opportunities.

Advisors are matched to opportunities based on their interests, experience, and availability.

Patient and Family Advisor Opportunities

Sharing your story
Sharing your care experiences with staff serve as powerful tools for bringing about constructive change in the health care system.

Working groups

Provide input into patient care, health system processes, patient safety concerns, policy, and strategic improvement initiatives.   

Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIW)
A team that meets for a week to focus on one problem, identify the root causes, create and test solutions, and by week’s end, are ready to implement the solution.

Survey patients about their care experiences to provide insight into which processes are working, and which processes can be improved.

Patient and Family Advisors Councils (PFACs) - learn more about PFACs
Groups that meet monthly for collaboration between staff and advisors on program decisions to improve patient-centred care.

Process for Participating in Advising Opportunities

​Sign-Up​Receive Notification​Prepare for Event​Log Hours​Follow Up
​Every Tuesday advising opportunities are posted for 1 week

​Receive an email if you were selected​Partake in a brief orientation from the host of the event​Log your hours and your feedback for the event​Receive an update from the host on the progress of the event


Patient and Family Advisors are provided with an honorarium to pay for out-of-pocket expenses (such as parking, child care, or refreshments) and as a small thank you for your time. Honorariums are provided for most advising opportunities based on hours contributed. If you are unsure if the advising opportunity you are partaking in is eligible for the honorarium contact the CFCC office.

Hours must be entered online by the Advisor. Hours are processed every Thursday and should be expected to be received within 12 business days from when entered. Patient and Family Advising hours are only valid for 60 days after event.

A Direct Deposit form can be requested for your convenience by contacting the CFCC office.

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