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Client and Family Centred Care
Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

​What is a Patient and Family Advisory Council? (PFAC)

  • A group that meet monthly for collaboration between staff and advisors on program decisions to improve patient-centred care.
  • It is not a support group, grievance committee, staff meeting, or presentation forum.
  • Advisory councils:
    • Identify opportunities for improving the patient and family experience
    • Advise on policies and practices to support patient and family engagement
    • Recommend how to better measure, quantify, and evaluate patient and family engagement.

What is the Role of a PFAC member?

Specific roles of council members may include: serving as a sounding board for new initiatives; generating ideas; sharing best practices; planning and evaluating programs; and providing input on institutional policies, programs, and practices.

PFACs at Saskatoon Health Region

  1. Aboriginal Peoples
  2. Brain Health
  3. Children’s Health
  4. Critical Care
  5. Dubé Centre
  6. Emergency Department
  7. General Medicine
  8. Heart Health
  9. Home Care
  10. Humboldt Hospital
  11. Kidney Health
  12. Long Term Care - Visit our Site
  13. Maternal Services
  14. Oncology
  15. Rehabilitation
  16. Surgical Services
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