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Request a Patient Partner


Patient Family Partner Requests

If you would like to request a Saskatoon Health Region Patient and Family Partner, please complete the Request Form:

Process for Requesting and Working with a Patient Family Partner (PFP)

  • The full process from the request to the follow up after the event is outlined in the Work Standard, which is ​located in the Resources section below.

It is recommended your request be made five weeks prior to your event to allow for the following process to be followed:

Request a Patient Partner
Opportunity Posted
Selection ProcessHand-Off ProcessFollow Up

Complete Request Form

(minimum of 5 weeks prior to event)

Advising opportunities posted every Tuesday

Patient Partner matched to Host


PFCC provides Host with info about the selected PFP

Host provides orientation to the PFP

Host provides feedback and confirms advisors hours with PFCC

Host provides progress of event to PFP



Resources for Working with PFPs

Requesting an Advisor

Working with Advisors - Work Standard

Gemba Walk for Patient and Family Advisory Councils  - Work Standard

Observation Sheet for Gemba Walk

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