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Client and Family Centred Care
Steering Committee

The role of the Regional Client and Family Centred Care Steering Committee is to lead and support the spread of Client and Family Centred Care throughout the Saskatoon Health Region. The Steering Committee aims to fundamentally change the culture of our relationships with clients and families. This group was established in 2007.  Membership includes experienced Patient and Family Advisors, Physicians, and Saskatoon Health Region staff.  


  • Identify Client and Family Centred Care priorities and develop corresponding action plans.
  • Develop and monitor key measures and outcomes related to Client and Family Centred Care.
  • Collaborate with regional governance committees, operational committees, and department committees, affiliates, and community partners to improve Client and Family Centred Care.
  • Maintain registry of all CFCC related activities and resources.
  • Build awareness and skills among the Patient and Family Advisors to enable them to carry out their advisory and coordinating roles.

Priority Projects 2015/16

Patient flow

Patient flow is about placing the right patient in the right bed at the right time.  Where a patient spends their time in hospital affects their experience and can affect their length of stay.  Patient placement also affects how staff are scheduled.  Grouping patients with similar experiences reduces transfers, the need for overtime, and even reduces the number of steps care providers take each day.  Patient flow is a strategic priority for the Saskatoon Health Region in 2015/16

Electronic Health Records

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a private, lifetime record of an individual's key health history and care, providing authorized healthcare professionals with real-time access to patients' test results, past treatments and medication profiles - information they need to provide effective, safe treatment while protecting privacy and confidentiality. The vision for the Saskatchewan Electronic Health Record (EHR) is getting the right information, to the right individual, at the right time, in the right place!

Best Practices in Client and Family Centred Care

There are several best practice initiatives that will improve patient centered care that the Saskatoon Health Region continues to implement such as whiteboard use, welcoming policies, bedside reporting, and interdisciplinary rounds.  

The CFCC Steering Committee will continue to support the follow initiatives:

  1. Safety Alert System/Stop the Line: This implementation of this new system requires any employee or physician and invites patients and families who encounter a situation that is likely to cause harm to stop, fix it and report it.
  2. Care Delivery Review and Design: The goal of this initiative is to design processes and roles that optimize the interprofessional care team and provider work experience to deliver exceptional patient care.
  3. Critical Care App: The Critical Care Patient and Family Advisory Council identified a need to get timely and useful information to families of patients in the intensive care units (ICUs). To fill this need, they developed a new Family Guide for families and support people of critical care patients. The ICU Family Guide app can be downloaded on the Critical Care site.

The CFCC Steering Committee will regularly request information on the status of the following work:

  1. Updates of key strategic areas for the Saskatoon Health Region
  2. Being made aware of key milestones and happenings in the Saskatoon Health Region
  3. Patient education being embedded in all areas

Steering Committee Terms of Reference

Greg Chartier, Chair of Regional Client and Family Centred Care Steering Committee

Over the past four years I have had the opportunity to participate in service planning and delivery both at the Saskatoon Health Region and Provincial levels. I have served on the Client and Family Centred Care Dubé Centre for Mental Health Patient and Family Advisory Council, the Saskatoon Health Region Ethics Committee and participated in the Provincial Commission on Mental Health and Addiction. I have seen the engagement process mature and evolve and patient and family engagement has been entrenched in National Accreditation Standards.

However, there continues to be evidence that that health care system is not sustainable in its current form; supported by a growing backlog of reports and recommendations identifying gaps in patient outcomes, and an overtaxed and fatigued workforce. To close these gaps will require extensive and ongoing engagement of patients, families, the general public and health care professional team.

This is an exciting and critical time in the evolution of health care in the province and an incredible opportunity for the community and health care professionals to help shape a more efficient and effective health care system. As we move forward we must not lose sight that the purpose of this engagement is to deliver better health and wellness outcomes to the community.


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