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Client and Family Centred Care

Mickey Booth

Mickey Booth“I see myself as a frequent offender of the health system. In the past few years I've had many admissions and surgeries. I was asked by one of the ward managers if I was interested in becoming a patient family first thought was 'what can I do?' After joining a Patient and Family Advisory Council and being involved in different projects, I found that I could do a lot. Being a patient gives me a unique insight into the health system and I'm able to see areas of improvement.

“Through being a patient family advisor I've gained my voice and have be amazed at the dedication of the staff involved that truly want a system where patient and families are first.”

Elaine Feltis

Elaine Feltis“I have been a family advisor for the Saskatoon Health Region since 2011. I have had the opportunity to form some lasting connections and friendships through being a family advisor. I have attended various committees and taken part in several initiatives, long term care being my primary focus. I am pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Saskatoon Health Region staff, fellow advisors and long term care residents who are passionate and truly committed to making change that will positively influence the lives of those who live in long term care.”

Heather Thiessen  
"Being a Patient and Family Centred Care Advisor has helped me to know I am more than just a patient with an illness. It has brought new meaning to my life.  I can use my many experiences as a patient to help build a better understanding to healthcare professionals of what the patient experience is like.  It has broken down barriers and helped collaboration between healthcare providers and Patients and Families, where change is made for that next patient and making sure they have a seamless journey.   Focus on making changes that will help the next patient entering the healthcare system. I know I can never change what I have endured but the negative ones now help to make sure that next patients journey a little easier and less stressful than mine." 

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