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Monday, November 28, 2016 in Better Every Day, Influenza

​Pharmacists in Saskatchewan have been offering the flu vaccine to their customers for the last two years and people love it.

“I think it comes down to convenience for a lot of people,” says Karen Grauer, Manager of Disease Control in Public Health with the Saskatoon Health Region. “Visiting your pharmacy regularly is part of everyday life so fitting in a flu shot is easy.”

Signs promoting flu immunization options can be seen in front of most pharmacies.

The numbers show this to be true. Last year, pharmacists provided approximately 20,295 influenza vaccines within Saskatoon Health Region. In the first three weeks of this year’s immunization campaign, 85 pharmacies have already provided approximately 24,452 vaccines.

Their participation in the seasonal flu immunization campaign has an added benefit – making the campaign even more visible. Almost every pharmacy has a sign out front advertising they offer flu vaccines.

“The signs promoting flu vaccines outside of pharmacies are keeping the flu immunization campaign in the forefront of people’s minds,” explains Grauer. “The more people who get vaccinated, the greater the protection in the community, so by getting your flu shot, you are not only helping to protect yourself, you are helping to protect those around you.”

The Saskatoon Health Region will continue to offer mass clinics in communities throughout the Region until December 3. Visit for clinic locations near you. However, a flu vaccine is available at Public Health Clinics, pharmacies and physician offices until the spring when the flu season typically ends in Canada.

​The Region is asking any Saskatoon Health Region and Affiliate employees, physicians and registered volunteers who got their flu shot at a pharmacy or physician’s office and DID NOT receive a receipt or documentation of it, to voluntarily report it to Occupational Health and Safety Services for their records.

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