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Thursday, April 20, 2017 in Parkridge Centre

Story by Parkridge Centre staff

Parkridge Centre in Saskatoon is home to over 200 long term care residents, and on March 14, the Centre's multi-purpose room was filled with residents and their families all clad in bright colours and tropical accessories.

The purpose? The Centre's annual party, hosted by the Parkridge Residents' Association in partnership with the Therapeutic Recreation, Social Work, and Volunteer departments.

The party was a much-anticipated event this year and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the camaraderie of the residents and their families.

The event was also a fun embodiment of the tropical escape that many of the residents were dreaming of throughout the winter. Décor included elaborate tropical backgrounds hand-painted by volunteers, sandy centrepieces created by senior social worker Emily Ermel and her family, as well as cut-outs of tropical fruit, tiki symbols, and wildlife. All this brought this tropical escape to life.

Upon arrival, party-goers were greeted by staff who offered each resident a colorful lei to wear. Volunteers offered a tropical photo booth complete with a sunset beach backdrop and life-size cut-outs of beachgoers, allowing residents to transport themselves to a virtual tropical paradise.

The main feature of the party was the entertainment provided by the Oral Fuentes Band, who fit the tropical theme with their authentic reggae sound. Party-goers were constantly entertained and engaged by the band's bright and welcoming stage presence.

The Oral Fuentes Band provided the entertainment at the party

A taste of the tropics was also brought to the party with a snack bar that included a pineapple flavoured whipped cream snack called Sea Foam, as well as an aptly named tropical Volcano punch.

The event would not have been possible without the diligent efforts of social worker and Residents' Association support staff member Jillian Wood, who worked tirelessly to coordinate the efforts of the diverse team that brought the event to life, as well as the Therapeutic Recreation staff member Crystal Normand.

The party was a wonderful celebration that is sure to have created wonderful, lasting memories for all who took part. 

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