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Thursday, February 9, 2017 in Provincial Initiatives

​Story courtesy of 3sHealth

Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) joined the provincial transcription service on December 6 shifting to the Fluency for Transcription software from its existing voice recognition software program. Fluency for Transcription was selected jointly by all health regions in the province to create a standard platform for a provincial transcription service.

What this changeover meant for Saskatoon Health Region is new voice profiles needed to be built in the new system for every individual who dictates patient reports. In Fluency for Transcription, once an electronic audio file is created, it is reviewed and edited by transcriptionists before being distributed to a patients’ record. Each time someone dictates and a transcriptionist makes the appropriate corrections, the technology gets better at recognizing speech and creates a unique voice profile for individual users. When an accuracy level of at least 80 per cent is achieved, the system starts automatically converting dictated speech into text. Edits made at that point help to further enhance the accuracy of the system and improve productivity.

As anticipated, the implementation temporarily reduced transcription productivity and added to existing backlogs. Mitigation strategies in place since December 6 have helped to eliminate backlog in Saskatoon. Productivity levels have also increased as physicians and other care providers grow accustomed to using Fluency for Transcription to create electronic audio files of their dictations.

Since January 9, the provincial backlog of reports waiting to be transcribed and distributed has been reduced by nearly 10,000 minutes. As of January 26, the provincial backlog in the Fluency for Transcription system was roughly 4,600 minutes.

The provincial transcription team, along with region partners, continues to monitor the service closely and remain committed to our shared goal of turning around 100 per cent of patients’ reports within 24 hours or less.

On January 17, Prince Albert Parkland became the sixth region to join the provincial transcription service. Plans are underway to transition Kelsey Trail Health Region this month, followed by Five Hills Health Region in April.


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